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TitleReleased ByOriginal GameGenrePlatformModsCategoryVerDate Descending
Chip's Challenge: No level skippingDaniel JianoranChip's ChallengePuzzleLYNX GPImprovement1.016 Sep 2022
Orderly ColiseumDrakeyCFinal Fantasy IIIRole PlayingSNES G, TImprovement1.015 Sep 2022
Klowneer's Marble MadnessS. K. DumbbusMarble MadnessActionNES G, T, GP, OImprovement1.115 Sep 2022
Shades In Mario LandPOLARIA POYONSuper Mario Bros.Action > PlatformerNES G, S, L, T, GPComplete1.014 Sep 2022
Balloon MarioPOLARIA POYONSuper Mario Bros.Action > PlatformerNES G, S, L, T, GPComplete1.014 Sep 2022
unQue Dongwu SenlinZoinkityDoubutsu no MoriSimulationN64 S, T, OImprovement1.014 Sep 2022
Leviathan over BismarckDrakeyCFinal Fantasy IIIRole PlayingSNES GImprovement1.114 Sep 2022
Doom (SNES) - Enable All Episodes with Every DifficultyCacodemontubeDOOMAction > ShooterSNES L, GPImprovement1.214 Sep 2022
Vandal Hearts 2 - Take Turns Hackpaul_metVandal Hearts IIStrategy > Turn BasedPSX GPImprovement1.214 Sep 2022
Mole Mania - sgb2 music tempo fixRadiant_NighteMole ManiaPuzzleGB OBug Fix0.113 Sep 2022
SMB1 Gameboy Edition - The 37th Anniversary SpecialCrushieSuper Mario Bros.Action > PlatformerNES G, OImprovement1.0013 Sep 2022
Among Us : The Tragedy of RyohyukanGarrett GilchristFamily Basic V3Game CreationNES G, T, OImprovement213 Sep 2022
Golden Sun: Dawn of DjinnJackitKGolden SunRole PlayingGBA GPComplete1.1.412 Sep 2022
Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels Graphics Hack - Cloud VersionAnthony RyukiSuper Mario Bros.Action > PlatformerNES GComplete1.012 Sep 2022
Tunnel Rhino Behavior FixZeroSigeaMega Man X3Action > PlatformerSNES GPBug Fix1.012 Sep 2022
G.O.D Easy ModemteamG.O.D.: Mezameyo to Yobu Koe ga KikoeRole PlayingSNES GPImprovement1.0012 Sep 2022
Valkyrie's Adventure SRAM + QOLMentilValkyrie no Bouken: Toki no Kagi DensetsuRole Playing > Action RPGNES GPImprovement3.112 Sep 2022
Pikachu GardmanGarrett GilchristGardmanAction > PlatformerNES GImprovement2.012 Sep 2022
Metal Slug - Super Devil Rank FixMiaguiMetal Slug - Super Vehicle-001Action > ShooterSAT OBug Fix1.011 Sep 2022
Dawn of Sorrow - Playable Swordcraft Story charactersManekimoneyCastlevania: Dawn of SorrowRole Playing > Action RPGNDS G, T, GPComplete1.011 Sep 2022
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