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    Titlescreen, description, date and genre updated.
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    Formatting error with Headline, it was necessary to remove the Italics bbCode. I assume that bbCode doesn't work in the entry box for Headlines, not that it matters. That was unknown to me, this being my first review entry. Also some minor touch-ups to the main review text, and placed [List] bbCode for the Luna and Dryad subsections. That hopefully improves the readability of such a lengthy text block!
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    Mana Beast now immune to all elements.
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    Fixed broken bbcode for lists in description.
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TitleAlt Title AscendingPubDateGenrePlatformDocsUtilsTransHacks
Tekken 3No AlternateTitleNamco26 March 1998Action > FightingPSXNNNY
Dark CloudNo AlternateTitleSony Computer Entertainment14 December 2000Role Playing > Action RPGPS2NNNY
LaylaNo AlternateTitledB-SOFT20 December 1986Action > PlatformerNESNYNY
Cotton: Fantastic Night DreamsNo AlternateTitleSuccess23 March 2000Action > ShooterNGPCNNYN
Super Robin HoodNo AlternateTitleCodemasters1993Action > PlatformerNESNNNY
World Driver ChampionshipNo AlternateTitleMidway31 May 1999RacingN64NYNN
Tales of BerseriaNo AlternateTitleBandai Namco18 August 2016Role Playing > Action RPGPS3NYYN
Lunatic Dawn INo AlternateTitleArtdink01 October 1993Role PlayingPCNNYN
LagoonNo AlternateTitleKemco13 December 1991Role Playing > Action RPGSNESNNNN
The Lost Vikings IINo AlternateTitleInterplay27 February 1997PuzzleSNESNNNY
Super Bomberman 3No AlternateTitleHudson28 April 1995ActionSNESNNNY
Toy StoryNo AlternateTitleDisney Interactive StudiosDecember 1995Action > PlatformerSNESNNYN
Chip's ChallengeNo AlternateTitleBulletproofUnreleasedPuzzleNESNNNY
Animetic Story Game 1: Cardcaptor SakuraNo AlternateTitleArika05 August 1999AdventurePSXNNYN
Pokémon Puzzle Collection Vol. 2No AlternateTitleNintendo26 April 2002PuzzlePMININNYN
EnergyNo AlternateTitleNCS19 April 1989Action > PlatformerTG16NNYN
Dragon BusterNo AlternateTitleNamco07 January 1987Action > PlatformerNESNNNY
Guitar Hero IINo AlternateTitleRedOctane03 April 2007OtherXB360NYNN
Guitar Hero IINo AlternateTitleRedOctane07 November 2006OtherPS2NYNN
Mortal Kombat 2No AlternateTitleArena1994Action > FightingSMSNNYN