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TitleAlt Title AscendingPubDateGenrePlatformDocsUtilsTransHacks
Samurai ShodownTakara1994Action > FightingGGNNYN
WWF Wrestlemania Steel Cage ChallengeFlying Edge1992SportsSMSNNYN
Zanac A.I. - 2nd VersionTakaru1987Action > ShooterMSXNNYN
Super Star SoldierNEC1991Action > ShooterTG16NNYN
Seiken AchoASCII Corporation1985Action > FightingMSXNNYN
Finding NemoTHQ12 May 2003AdventureGBANNYN
1942ASCII1986Action > ShooterMSXNNYN
Car FighterCasio1985RacingMSXNNYN
Formation ZJaleco04 April 1985Action > ShooterNESNNYN
Baby BoomerColor Dreams1989Action > ShooterNESNNYN
Star SoldierHudson Soft1986Action > ShooterMSXNNYN
Dynowarz - The Destruction of SpondylusBandai America Inc.April 1990Action > PlatformerNESNNYN
Doctor HauzerPanasonic29 April 1994Action Adventure3DONNYN
Pizza Pop!Jaleco7 Jan 1992Action > PlatformerNESNNYY
Arcade Smash HitsSegaJune 1992OtherSMSNNYN
Athletic LandKonami1984Action > PlatformerMSXNNYN
PippolsKonami1985Action > ShooterMSXNNYN
PooyanHudson Soft1985Action > ShooterMSXNNYN
GreendogSega1993Action > PlatformerGGNNYN
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