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TitleAlt Title AscendingPubDateGenrePlatformDocsUtilsTransHacks
Plasma BallJaleco27 March 1992ActionNESNNYN
Chester Cheetah 2 - Wild Wild QuestKaneko1992Action > PlatformerGENNNYN
Chester Cheetah - Wild Wild QuestKanekoMar 1994Action > PlatformerSNESNNYN
Joe & Mac 2 - Lost in the TropicsData EastApr 1994Action > PlatformerSNESNNYN
CabalMilton BradleyJun 1990Action > ShooterNESNNYN
Star CruiserArsys14 April 1989Role Playing > Action RPGX68KNNYN
Fighting ForceEidos Interactive31 October 1997Action > Beat 'Em UpPSXNNNY
VR TroopersSega1995Action > FightingGGNNYN
Mystical FighterDreamworks/NCS1992Action > Beat 'Em UpGENNNYN
Flash PointSega1989PuzzleGENNNYN
Dash Galaxy in the Alien AsylumData EastFeb 1990PuzzleNESNNYN
Crystal's Pony TaleSega1994Action > PlatformerGENNNYN
Caliber FiftyMentrix Software, Inc.1991Action > ShooterGENNNYN
ThexderGame Arts1986Action > PlatformerMSXNNYN
Door DoorENIX1984Action > PlatformerMSXNNYN
ChoroQTAITO1984Action > PlatformerMSXNNYN
Circus CharlieKonami1984ActionMSXNNYN
ChoplifterSony1985Action > ShooterMSXNNYN
Pine ApplinZAP1984Action > PlatformerMSXNNYN
GuardicCompile1986Action > ShooterMSXNNYN
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