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TitleAlt TitlePubDateGenrePlatformDocsUtils DescendingTransHacks
Suikoden - Woven Web of the CenturiesGenso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no TokiKonami09 February 2012Role PlayingPSPNNYN
RPG Tsukuru GBRPG Maker GBASCII17 March 2000Role PlayingGBNNYN
Dragon Quest VI: Maboroshi no DaichiNo Alternate TitleEnix09 December 1995Role PlayingSNESNNYN
Langrisser I: The Art of the Swords WarNo Alternate TitleSoftAction1998Strategy > Turn BasedPCNNYN
King's Valley IINo Alternate TitleKonami1988Action > PlatformerMSXNNYY
Knight Rider SpecialNo Alternate TitlePack-In-Video22 December 1989RacingTG16NNYN
Super Boy 4No Alternate TitleZemina20 December 1992Action > PlatformerSMSNNYY
Dynamite HeaddyNo Alternate TitleSega05 August 1994Action > PlatformerSMSNNYN
Tokoro San no Mamoru mo Semeru moGeorge Tokoro’s Offense and DefenseEpic/Sony27 June 1987Action > PlatformerNESNNYN
GrowlRunarkTaito15 November 1991Action > Beat 'Em UpGENNNYN
Chuck Rock II: Son of ChuckNo Alternate TitleSega1993Action > PlatformerSMSNNYN
OrgussNo Alternate TitleSega1984Action > ShooterSG1KNNYN
Marvel vs. Capcom 2Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of HeroesCapcom19 September 2002Action > FightingPS2NNNY
Sonic Spike - World Championship Beach VolleyballWorld Beach VolleyIGS27 July 1990SportsTG16NNYN
Battlezone 2000No Alternate TitleAtari1995Action > ShooterLYNXNNNY
Germs Nerawareta MachiGerms The Targeted TownKAJ22 July 1999Action AdventurePSXNNYN
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor MoonNo Alternate TitleAngel Studios18 December 1992ActionGBNNYN
Dual Orb 2No Alternate TitleI'Max29 December 1994Role PlayingSNESNNYN
Aleste (MSX2)No Alternate TitleCompile1988Action > ShooterMSXNNYN
Little Nemo: The Dream MasterPajama Hero NemoCapcomSeptember 1990Action > PlatformerNESNNYY
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