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Title AscendingAlt TitlePubDateGenrePlatformDocsUtilsTransHacks
Exerion II: ZorniNo Alternate TitleToshiba1984Action > ShooterMSXNNYN
ExileExile: Toki no Hazama eRenovation / Telenet05 December 1991Role PlayingGENNNYY
Exodus: Journey to the Promised LandNo Alternate TitleWisdom Tree1990PuzzleNESNNNY
F-1 Grand Prix Part IINo Alternate TitleVideo System26 February 1993RacingSNESNNYN
F-1 Grand Prix Part IIINo Alternate TitleVideo System22 April 1994RacingSNESNNYN
F-1 RaceNo Alternate TitleNintendo02 November 1984RacingNESNNYY
F-1 SensationFormula 1 SensationKonami29 January 1993RacingNESNNNY
F-15 City WarF15 City WarAmerican Video Entertainment1990SimulationNESNNYN
F-ZeroNo Alternate TitleNintendo21 November 1990RacingSNESNYNY
F-Zero - ClimaxNo Alternate TitleNintendo21 October 2004RacingGBAYYYN
F-Zero GXNo Alternate TitleNintendo25 August 2003RacingGCNNNY
F-Zero XNo Alternate TitleNintendo14 July 1998RacingN64NYNY
F-Zero: GP LegendF-ZERO ファルコン伝説Nintendo20 September 2004RacingGBANNNY
F1 CircusNo Alternate TitleNichibutsu07 February 1992RacingNESNNYN
F1 Pole PositionNakajima Satoru Kanshuu F-1 Hero GB '92: The Graded DriverUbisoftDecember 1993RacingGBNNNY
Faceball 2000No Alternate TitleBullet-Proof Software10 December 1991Action > ShooterGBNNNY
Factory PanicGanbare Gorby!Sega21 June 1991ActionGGNNYN
FahrenheitNo Alternate TitleSega1995Action AdventureSegaCDNNNY
Famicom Detective Club Part IIFamicom Tantei Club Part IINintendo01 April 1998AdventureSNESNNYN
Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot RallyNo Alternate TitleNintendo14 April 1988RacingFDSNNYN
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