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TitleAlt TitlePubDateGenrePlatform AscendingDocsUtilsTransHacks
Ninja SpiritSaigo no Nindou: Ninja SpiritNEC06 July 1990Action > PlatformerTG16NNYN
Battle RoyaleNo Alternate TitleTurbo Technologies1990SportsTG16NNYN
Victory RunVictory Run: Eikou no 13,000KMHudson1989RacingTG16NNYN
Tiger RoadTora e no MichiNEC Interchannel23 February 1990Action > PlatformerTG16NNYN
Boxy BoySokoban WorldMedia Rings16 March 1990PuzzleTG16NNYN
PsychosisParanoiaNEC Interchannel01 March 1990Action > ShooterTG16NNYN
Moto RoaderNo Alternate TitleNEC23 February 1989RacingTG16NNYN
Legend of Hero TonmaNo Alternate TitleNEC Interchannel1993Action > PlatformerTG16NNYN
ImpossamoleNo Alternate TitleNEC Interchannel1991Action > PlatformerTG16NNYN
Ghost ManorNo Alternate TitleTurbo Technologies1992Action > PlatformerTG16NNYN
Galaga '90Galaga '88NEC1989Action > ShooterTG16NNYN
Drop OffDrop Rock Hora HoraNEC1990PuzzleTG16NNYN
Side Arms: Hyper DyneHyper Dyne Side ArmsRadiance14 July 1989Action > ShooterTG16NNYN
Keith Courage in Alpha ZonesMashin Eiyuuden WataruNEC30 August 1988Action > PlatformerTG16NNYN
Sonic Spike - World Championship Beach VolleyballWorld Beach VolleyIGS (Japan)27 July 1990SportsTG16NNYN
Space Fantasy ZoneNo Alternate TitleSega1991Action > ShooterTGCDNNYN
Super DaisenryakuSuper Great StrategyMicrocabin27 April 1990StrategyTGCDNNYN
Ys IV: The Dawn of YsNo Alternate TitleHudson22 December 1993Role Playing > Action RPGTGCDNNYN
Xak III: The Eternal RecurrenceNo Alternate TitleNEC30 September 1994Role Playing > Action RPGTGCDNNYN
Motteke TamagoNo Alternate TitleNaxat1997OtherTGCDNNYN