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Killable Snowmen F-Zero Parallel Dimension Tina's Adventure Island II Castlevania 3 - Linear Version

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Fortress of Fear: Wizards & Warriors X Vectorman 2 U-four-ia: The Saga TwinBee 3: Poko Poko Dai Maou

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Valhalla Yabause - Mednafen Save Converter Simple Tools Zapper 2020

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F-Zero MSU-1 F-Zero - Alternative Strike F-ZERO - Eternal Boost F-Zero Parallel Dimension
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Circle Boy Nova the Squirrel Death Planet Bad Apple!! PV-FC 2.5

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Blue Mario Bros. 3 CI Firing Range GoldenEye Gun Name Display Castlevania: Stairs of DOOM Dr. Lip

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Wizardry I-II-III: Story of Llylgamyn Airwolf Farland Story: Daichi no Kizuna King Colossus

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