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(21 to 40) of 184 Results
TitleSourceWidthHeight AscendingDescriptionLangDate
Calderon HandwritingJames Calderon88I have pixelated my very own handwriting! It includes upper & lowercase letters & numbers. Various symbols & punctuation are also well-represented here.EN29 May 2012
Calderon Handwriting CondensedJames CalderonVWF8This is a condensed, variable-width version of my sans serif font. The entire set of characters are all included.EN31 May 2012
Calderon Handwriting EleganteJames CalderonVWF8Finally, the stylized version of my handwriting font (I write like this sometimes)! Two bitmaps are included here: one optimized for a fixed 8-pixel width (characters are centered) & another prepared for variable width (characters are aligned ….EN05 June 2012
Calderon Majuscule RomanJames Calderon88As a caps-only seriffed font, this is perfect for newspaper-type body or anything meant to look typewritten.EN10 August 2012
PMS-asciiPocket Monsters Stadium68This is an internal ASCII font extracted from Pocket Monsters Stadium. Each tile is 6×8, and it natively is fixed width but can be converted to variable readily. First ASCII value is 0×20 (space), and being standard shouldn’t require a table. ….EN04 February 2013
M-Tee's Retro Vice SquadM_Tee88An original 8×8 stencil font family containing six typefaces: Original, Original Chrome, Nude, Nude Chrome, Drop, and Drop Chrome– Retro Vice Squad should suit the needs of any game that Dad would have considered worthy of occupying the television ….EN17 March 2013
M-Tee's Armchair MercenaryM_Tee88Armchair Mercenary is a fat 8×8 semi-stencil font. With clear readability, and a militant aesthetic, its statements are presented with authority. Characters include: 0-9 A-Z upper and lower , ‘ . ! ? ( ) / & “ ” • : ; … - % $….EN18 March 2013
M-Tee's 8-Bit BootstrapM_Tee88An original 8×8 pixel font, 8-Bit Bootstrap simulates the wood-type typography of early American West handbills, wanted posters, and the like. Characters include: 0-9 A-Z upper and small caps , ‘ . ! ? ( ) / & “ ” • : ; … - %….EN17 March 2013
8 Eyes NES Font8 Eyes for NES by Taxan88Here is the font extracted from the game, 8 Eyes for NES from Taxan. Upper & lower case letters, numbers, & basic symbols are included.EN26 November 2017
Bard's Tale StyleBard's Tale88Here is font extracted from the game Bard’s Tale. It contains uppercase lettering and numbers.EN26 November 2017
New Computer Terminal Style Font - Alien 3Alien 3 (SNES)88Here is font extracted from Alien 3 for SNES. It contains uppercase lettering and numbers in a newer computer terminal style font.EN28 November 2017
AD&D - Dragon StrikeAD&D - Dragon Strike88Here is font extracted from AD&D - Dragon Strike. It contains uppercase lettering & numbers.EN26 November 2017
Action 52 NES FontAction 52 (NES)88Here is font extracted from Action 52. It contains uppercase lettering & numbers.EN23 October 2016
WW II Style Stencil Font1943 by Capcom88Here is the font extracted from 1943 from Capcom. It contains upper-case lettering & numbers.EN11 June 2013
Slim StyleDie Hard88Here is a slim style font extracted from Die Hard. It contains upper & lower case lettering as well as numbers.EN11 June 2013
Gothic Font - Demon's CrestDemon's Crest (SNES)88Here is a Gothic themed font extracted from Demon’s Crest. It contains uppercase lettering & numbers.EN07 December 2017
Medieval Style FontDefender Of The Crown (NES)88Here is a medieval themed font extracted from Defender Of The Crown. It contains uppercase lettering & numbers. Unfortunately the letter “Z” is not included with this font set…EN07 December 2017
Dash Galaxy FontDash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum (NES)88Here is a thick style font pulled from Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum. It contains uppercase lettering & numbers.EN28 November 2017
Code Name - ViperCode Name - Viper (NES) by Capcom88Here is the font extracted from Code Name - Viper. It contains upper & lower case letters as well as numbers & symbols.EN27 November 2017
Squared Font - BattleshipBattleship88Here is a square edged font pulled from the game Battleship. It contains uppercase lettering & numbers.EN11 June 2013
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