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Title DescendingAuthorDescriptionCategoryPlatformGameVerLevelDate
SD Hero Soukessen DocumentDANGER XSD Hero Soukessen document with many hacking values, such as level structure data, enemies position type & more, Robot Heroes attack & Jump, Stages music etc.Game SpecificNESSD Hero Soukessen: Taose! Aku no Gundan1.0Beg13 Feb 2018
Save State Hacking with Visual BasicTFGA nice resource for those of you looking to start writing visual basic hacking programs. Takes a tutorial approach at hacking Final Fantasy II (US) save states.Save State HackingNESN/A2.1Beg29 Apr 2001
Saturn Dev Kit ManualPsygnosisThis is a page-for-page copy of the manual included in the Saturn Development Kit by PSYQ.AssemblySATN/A1.0Int01 Jan 1996
S-NES Emulator SE Sound CodeF.H.This text file is a full reverse engineering of the sound code in Nintendo’s ‘Super Nintendo SE’ development unit. The SPC-700 code allows the choice of two samples to be played and would allow the user to play with various attributes ….Source CodeSNESN/A1.0Int05 Nov 2004
S-DD1 Algorithm DocumentationAndreas NaiveDocumentation of the S-DD1 graphics compression algorithm including source code samples of decompression and compression routines.Source CodeSNESN/A1.0Adv10 Oct 2004
Rygar DataOptomonInformation on Doors, Text, and Sprites for the NES game Rygar.Game SpecificNESRygar1.0Int29 Nov 2018
RomHacking 103 - ScriptInsertionBunkaiAfter doing a script dump and editing the font, any translation project needs to insert the translated text. This document is a standalone guide to insert the text using Atlas, Notepad++, Windhex, and any hex calculator. However, this paper is….Text HackingGBN/A1.0Beg18 Apr 2022
RomHacking 102 - Font & SpritesBunkaiThis document attempts to be a guide for completely beginners to start their path in the romhacking and edition of fonts and sprites (in addition, it explains a basic palette search and edition). The paper tries to explain the basic technical kno….Graphics HackingGBN/A1,0Beg16 Apr 2022
ROMHacking 101 - Script DumpBunkaiThis document attempts to be a guide for completely beginners to create their first script dump. Explaining basic technical knowledge and any how-to during the process, in the most easy way possible. It makes use of the following tools, which mean….Text HackingGBN/A1.01Beg11 Apr 2022
ROMhacking - PSP basicsBunkaiThis guide contains explanations to reverse engineering a PSP game to create a translation patch, using as example the “digivice ver. portable psp” ISO. (it has plenty of images to make the understanding easier) Warning: Some files and/or meth….MiscellaneousPSPDigivice Ver. Portable0.9Beg27 Mar 2023
Romancing Saga VWF Source CodeF.H.This is F.H.’s VWF source code that he made available to the public years and years ago. It’s possible that the source code might not be perfect and could cause severe crashes that F.H. mentioned before he disappeared.Game SpecificSNESRomancing SaGa1.0Adv28 Dec 2004
Romancing Saga Quick NotesF.H.This is a document/tutorial F.H. did way back for Romancing SaGa. Among others things it goes into detail about objects and SNES OAM stuff.Game SpecificSNESRomancing SaGa1.0Adv23 Apr 2004
Romancing Saga 2 VWFLordTechExample of VWF on SNES.Source CodeSNESRomancing SaGa 21.0Adv08 Nov 2011
Romance of Forgotten Kingdom Staff Roll Image File FormatTauwasserA brief description of the image file format used by the staff roll of Romance of Forgotten Kingdom. Includes a 010 Editor binary template to parse image files.File FormatsPCMangguk Jeon'gi: Ichyeojin Nara-ui Iyagi1.0Int09 Oct 2011
ROM Hacking/Translating for Anyone Volume 2UtilMikeA brief overview to the major aspects of hacking ROMS.Text HackingMultipleN/A1.5Beg12 Jan 2011
ROM Hacking/Translating for Anyone Volume 1UtilMikeA brief overview to the major aspects of hacking ROMS.Text HackingMultipleN/A1.5Beg06 Nov 2011
ROM Hacking 202 - Reverse engineering with the debuggerYasaSheepThis is a continuation of Bunkai’s intro ROM hacking series using Kikansha Thomas - Friends of Sodor. In this tutorial we explore using BGB’s debugger and VRAM tools to find the graphics decompression algorithm and reverse engineer it. T….Game SpecificGBKikansha Thomas - Sodor-tou no Nakamatachi1.0Beg06 May 2022
ROM Hacking 201 - A non-ASM approach to compressed dataabridgewaterThis can be considered a follow-on from Bunkai’s introductory ROM hacking series using Kikansha Thomas - Sodor-tou no Nakamatachi. In this tutorial we find some compressed and decompressed graphics data for the title screen and reverse engineer th….MiscellaneousGBKikansha Thomas - Sodor-tou no Nakamatachi1.0Beg08 May 2022
Rockman 5: Hacking notesStalkerMaestroThere are 9 notepad files to edit. Begin to game, boss, checkpoints and boss points, minor sprites, misc, special blocks, special sprites and animations, weapons, wily 3 capsules. This works with Rockman 5 (Jap) not Megaman V (USA), any parts of t….AssemblyNESMega Man 51.0Beg12 Dec 2022
Rockman 2 Energy Speed DataYaveRockman 2 Energy Speed Data by Yave Yu. This document will help you to change energy charging speed.Game SpecificNESMega Man 21.0Int25 Feb 2019
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