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NameGroup DescendingDocsUtilsTransHacksLanguage
GAFF TranslationsYesNoNoYesYesEnglish
AC3 Italian Translation ProjectYesNoNoYesNoItalian
Terminus TraductionYesNoYesYesNoFrench
Shenmue MasterYesNoNoYesNoFrench
Do-jin NyuuYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
Bishoujo Senshi TranslationsYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
Front Mission Translation ProjectYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
Project ZetsubouYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
Chaotic TranslationsYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
A&L SoftYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
Rage GamesYesNoNoNoYesEnglish
The CFC2 Translation TeamYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
Alemanic TranslationsYesNoNoYesNoGerman
Skeetendo Inc.YesNoNoNoYesEnglish
S-P-E TeamYesNoNoYesNoArabic
Interordi SoftwareYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
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