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Streets of Rage Hi-Score SRAM Tetris with Title Music Silent Baby Mario Metroid Ridley X Hack 2

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TKMK00 to MIO0 Super Zelda Editor Move Animation Creator Text Pattern Finder

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    Capitalized the word "baby" as needed.
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    Description update with new version and changelog.
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    Added URL, PFP and the language is now the correct one
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    Updated the IPS patches in the Zip. Several issues were found in the previous patches. These are now fixed in the latest Zip. Thank you!
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Alemanic TranslationsYesNoNoYesNoGerman
Alex FoffanoNoNoNoNoNoPortuguese
Alex KiddNoNoNoNoNoEnglish
ALEX KONoNoNoNoYesEnglish
Alex NoNoNoNoNoYesNorwegian
Alex O.NoNoNoNoYesEnglish
Alex OughtonNoNoNoNoYesEnglish
Alex PilipenkoNoNoNoNoYesEnglish
Alex SanchezNoNoNoNoYesEnglish
Alex SatoNoNoNoNoNoEnglish
Alex W. JacksonNoNoNoYesNoEnglish
Alexander BeetleNoNoNoNoNoEnglish
Alexander JonssonNoNoNoNoNoSwedish
Alexander LombardiNoNoNoNoNoEnglish
Alexander TrofastNoNoNoNoNoSwedish
Alexandru BortoșNoNoNoNoNoRomanian
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