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    Corrected release date. Just checked Wikipedia, although it's not always a reliable source. The game wasn't released to the arcades until October 1986, and both the FDS and NES release dates were in 1988!
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    Fixed description details for better reading.
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    Expanded description slightly.
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    Im not sure how this is working... The first link is the original one submitted. The 2nd one is from the instructions that were given to me.[858]DW2 - Disassembly.rar I copied this in the URL above... Hopefully it works. This is the original link
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Di 5 Shi TuNoNoNoNoNoChinese
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Xu Gou no Ou XiangNoNoNoNoNoEnglish
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Hei Wu ShiNoNoNoNoNoEnglish
Qiang ZiNoNoNoNoNoEnglish
Xing Se no Lv RenNoNoNoNoNoEnglish
Ren Jian Bei JuNoNoNoNoNoEnglish
Mo Shu Shi EWNoNoNoNoNoEnglish
Tian Zi SeNoNoNoNoNoEnglish
Dou Fu ZhuNoNoNoNoNoEnglish