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Shadow Of The Ninja HD (U) [!] Little Samson Pleasant Shot Sound Robocop 2 Responsive StarTropics (MMC3)

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Contra III: The Alien Wars Night of the Sacrifice Bahamut Senki Saturday Night Slam Masters

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Arcana Monster Reader Goof Troop Level Editor The World Ends With You - Original Japanese Dub Patcher SlowR3KA

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Robocop 2 Responsive Little Samson Pleasant Shot Sound Seiken Densetsu 3: bugfix edition Castlevania Practice and Test Rom

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Escape Obliterizer Deluxe John 3:16 Kid Funky The Roadhog Frog

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Protoman: The Red Bomber Airball (later beta) Direction Fix Baseball Simulator 2012 Darkwing Duck Advance

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Parallel World La-Mulana Illusion City (MSX TurboR) RoboCop 3

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  • Hacks
    Minor fix. I made a minor mistake (and the document), and I just simply fixed it.
  • Reviews
    The rom hacker fixed the bugs and glitches I mentioned existed in his rom patch. I was very impressed with the new version and hope everyone gives it a try.
  • Games
    Horror game wasn't an available category on the list.
  • Community
    Removed the link to the Earth Seeker translation patch website, wrongly stated as "personal website".
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