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Super Mario RPG: Relocalized now available!

19 March 2023 9:53PM EST - Update by CoolCatBomberMan

ROM Hacks News

In 2021, CoolCatBomberMan attempted to create a patch for Super Mario RPG that rewrote certain aspects of the game’s script to be more in line with the Japanese script. That patch was called “SMRPG-Reworked Text.” While it did receive glowing reviews, one review was particularly spiteful, claiming that CoolCatBomberMan had “a complete misunderstanding of this intent all the way through.” This review, though hurtful, wasn’t entirely wrong. “Reworked Text” at times did, in fact, excise parts of Woolsey’s script based entirely on personal tastes, and rather than carefully consider the context and meaning of various pop culture references in the Japanese script, the patch simply threw in whatever joke or meme seemed appropriate at first glance. Eventually, CoolCatBomberMan requested for the patch to be removed, and never spoke about Super Mario RPG again…

…Until January 2022, when he built up the motivation to try again. Despite not knowing Japanese, CoolCatBomberMan was determined to go over every line in the game’s script with a fine-toothed comb, using a copy of the Japanese script that was posted online, several online dictionaries, Clyde “Tomato” Mandelin’s livestream, website and Snes9X Wanderbar plugin, and when all else failed, consultation and feedback from nejimakipiyo. The resulting process was agonizingly slow, but allowed CoolCatBomberMan to know with absolute certainty what was said in Japanese at any given moment. However, the truth of the matter is that not every aspect of Woolsey’s script is inaccurate to the Japanese script. Frankly, there are places in the script where Woolsey did, in fact, provide the best translation possible. So, what should be done about such instances?

CoolCatBomberMan decided the best course of action for his relocalization was to take on the role of an editor, opting to only change a line in Woolsey’s script if it notably deviates from the Japanese script without good reason, makes grammatical errors, or is simply formatted awkwardly. The result is a patch that is more in line with the Japanese script, while still conveying the feeling of Mario’s world being a fantastical land of adventure and whimsy, filled with colorful characters from all walks of life. And, of course, several JP pop culture references have been replaced with more appropriate American equivalents. You won’t find any Austin Powers quotes, but it should be noted that some quotes were simply translated as-is, because there simply wasn’t any other viable way to translate them back in 1996. If you want to experience Super Mario RPG, but can’t move past your distaste for Woolsey’s creative liberties, then this patch will provide all the good from his script, with none of the bad. For real, this time!


Advances SNES ROM Utility 1.0 released!

17 March 2023 1:05AM EST - Update by Dom

Utilities News

Advanced SNES ROM Utility finally gets a 1.0 release!

Some long-awaited features like ROM mirroring on expanding and removing most known SRAM checks have finally been added. Also the game code is now displayed and can be changed the easy way!

You now can decide wheater a ROM gets instantly scanned on loading or not. This options might improve loading times on slow PCs.

What else to say? Just go and check it out!

A new NES graphics editor!

16 March 2023 12:55AM EST - Update by nesrocks

Utilities News

NAW is a new graphics creation tool targeted specifically for developing NES assets. The GUI should be familiar to artists. Currently available for Windows only.

In NAW the screen area is an emulation of the NES image. It contains all of the basic building blocks: the CHR data, nametable, palette and sprites. What you see is the real thing!

It allows editing the nametables, the CHR pages and OAM data, all using a very visual workflow. Some interesting features include:

  • paste any type of image you copied from an outside program directly onto the CHR area. Color will be automatically reduced if need be. Optionally reduce the image to selection keeping proportions.
  • load a tbl file to assign tiles to keys or assign them visually inside NAW so you can write to the nametable with the write tool.
  • manipulate sprites. simulate scanline sprite limit, order sprites in OAM, simulate flicker.
  • draw on the sprites layer directly and sprites will be created automatically. ideal for creating static screens (title screens, cutscenes, etc).
  • export NROM with the static image (for proof of concept, etc)
  • intuitive image editing tools (brush size, paint bucket, line, rectangle, color swap, selection).

It is in constant development and is also available at itch for free. Donations are welcomed to keep the project alive.

It should be important to mention that it doesn’t open a ROM directly yet. Such a feature is planned for editing tiles, much like how yy-chr works, in the future.

As a NES graphics tool though it is useful for creating new sprites, backgrounds and tilesets for then to be manually inserted into the game with other ROM hacking tools.

It can also quickly import a PPU dump taken from Fceux or Mesen for you to edit uncompressed (a.k.a in NES PPU format) existing game’s graphics. You may need to fiddle with the registers inside NAW to completely recreate the game’s screen after importing the dump.

You can also import the OAM dump from Mesen to view sprites already assembled, making it easier to edit the CHR tiles.

For both of these features you go inside the emulator, open the ROM and play until you reach the section with the sprites you want to edit the tiles for. Dump the OAM and PPU memory and open those inside NAW.

Forum post:

Hissss! Assssspic: Curssssse of the SSSSSnakelord (FDS) is now in English!

14 March 2023 2:11AM EST - Update by BlackPaladin

Translations News

It’s now time for the release of the English translation patch for “Aspic: Mahebiou no Noroi” (Translated as “Aspic: Curse of the Snakelord”) on the Famicom Disk System. All text has been translated, thanks to Bunkai and Ryu-Senpai. Also, the game’s instruction manual has also been translated into English, thanks to abridgewater for his scans, Bunkai for translations, and Infrrod for his scanlation work.

As for the game in question, this game is actually a sequel to an earlier JRPG called “Lizard”. Aspic starts where Lizard leaves off. You play the role of the warrior, Samson, who has returned with the Book of Truth and must use it to uncurse the princess of Okalf Castle. However, a wizard arrives three days prior to Samson’s arrival. The wizard proclaims that he can uncurse the princess, but he must bring her to Suna first. The wizard did uncurse the princess but would offer her as a bride for Aspic the Snakelord. Samson must embark on another quest to rescue the princess from Aspic. Little does he know, however, is that the Snakelord has one trick up his scales…

This game has the stereotypical save-the-princess plotline that many other games like Aspic do have at the time. However, what sets this game apart from its ilk is how the game ends. You’ll have to play the game to find out.

NHL '94: 2023 Edition updated for the NHL Trade Deadline

14 March 2023 12:05AM EST - Update by Adam Catalyst

ROM Hacks News

NHL ‘94: 2023 Edition has been updated for the NHL trade deadline!

This hack will completely update NHL ‘94 for the 2023 season. The goal is to try to provide the most refined and realistic modern versions of this all-time classic game. Key features include…

Rosters, Ratings & Lines. Eight hundred players obsessively rated, up-to-date rosters (as of March 13, 2023), and realistic lines, based on extensive 2021-2023 regular season player data and analytics. All of this is built on top of smozoma’s 16-point player rating system (the original game was limited to a 7-point system).

Gameplay Revisioned. The gameplay has been adjusted for a more realistic modern hockey feel, with harder to score goals, easier to hit crossbars and posts, more realistic speed burst, fewer penalty calls, custom energy depletion and recovery rates (balanced for more realistic line rolling and shift length), and player rating distribution curves that have been carefully calibrated for more realistic gameplay on the ice.

Graphical Refinements. Logos & Uniforms have been meticulously coloured to be as accurate and immersive as possible, players now have taped composite sticks, and hundreds of other graphic refinements have been made including title screens, banners, player photos, scoreboard, audience, face-offs, player sprites, ice markings, coaches, scorekeepers, Zamboni driver, and more. The goal is to bring the most graphically refined version of NHL 94 ever made, while remaining faithful to the spirit of the original art direction.

And so much more! Of course there is the weight bug fix, but also a custom weight scale, less variance in Hot/Cold rating randomization, immediate goalie control by pressing the (Y) button with a six-button controller, a custom 3-Stars of the Game rating formula…

French translation Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Psx

11 March 2023 9:57AM EST - Update by heavyjo

Translations News

Released only in Japan and the USA, Castlevania Symphony of the Night never received a localization in Europe. It is now done. Join Richter and Alucard and fight the forces of evil. The game is 100% translated into French.

Goof Troop - No Blink

10 March 2023 8:47AM EST - Update by surf.bluecrab

ROM Hacks News

Goof troop is a great game for the Super Nintendo; however the never ending “PRESS START” blinking endlessly during game play is found to be annoying especially under a 1 player game.

This is a simple hack that remove the blinking “PRESS START” in both 1 and 2 player game.

This hack was very easy to do and is the first ever Super Nintendo game hack done by Surf.Bluecrab.

Castlevania: The Adventure Done Right!

06 March 2023 7:35AM EST - Update by ProstatePunch

ROM Hacks News

Konami GB Collections were a very early dip into colorizations of Game Boy games. Unfortunately, many of them were marred with crappy palette selection and terrible tile work. This patch is a first step in providing better quality color releases of the individual games in these collections, resulting in a definitive experience.

Other hackers (tidi, hiro1112 and Ugetab) have created hacks that provide autoboot, whip retainment, and speed-up hacks that have greatly improved quality-of-life. Those patches are included in this all version (richirobot), as well as the following improvements:

  • Almost every enemy sprite has been re-colored in some way.
  • The main character sprite has been redrawn and re-colored.
  • The fully-powered whip fireball was given actual fireball colors.
  • Candle color was changed, and the design was reduced in size.
  • Color palettes for every level were altered to make the game more realistic, also resulting in better blending of objects into backgrounds.
  • Health bar was changed to a solid red rather than a color changing system, consistent with other Castlevania titles.
  • Inclusion of the “autoboot+speed+whip hack” by richirobot (with credits to tidi, hiro1112 and Ugetab) here.
  • Removed the ability to reboot the game to the selection menu using Start+Select+A+B.
  • Removed the ability to go back to the game selection menu at the title screen by pressing Select.

Hopefully this provides an experience more consistent with other “DX” quality releases.

Note: Original images removed due to reports of photosensitivity issues

Breath of Fire Definitive Edition room

04 March 2023 11:12AM EST - Update by ThegreatBen

ROM Hacks News

A group effort from our Breath of Fire hacking discord. It aims to bring the outdated feel of Breath of Fire 1 up to the standards of the future games. Many changes have been made to names, balance, gameplay, and even a few quality of life improvements.

Quite a bit has been ported from the Breath of Fire Improved hack on gba, but since far more is known about the snes rom all of the limitations of that hack could be addressed properly in this one. And of course the improvements from War of the Goddess that were donated already make the snes game superior to the gba version now.

The Definitive (Classic) Version of Tactics Ogre for the Saturn Translated

28 February 2023 3:10AM EST - Update by Pennywise

Translations News

After many hours of hard work, paul_met, aishsha and Pennywise present a completed translation of Tactics Ogre for the Sega Saturn. One might consider it the definitive version of the original game especially when the fantastic PSP translation script was ported to this project.

Please note that only the chaos route was seriously tested and there’s a good chance of copy/paste and/or formatting errors present in the script. The team would appreciate that they be reported if any are found.