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Recent Updates

Kenseiden - Korean sprite hack released

30 June 2022 1:31PM EST - Update by alien nose job

ROM Hacks News

Many levels, a non-linear game path, big sprites, lots of bosses, an eerie mood with demons running at you from everywhere, a really good FM synth soundtrack (for the Japanese version or on emulator), an expandable set of moves and a hero that has two sets of sprites : one facing left, the other facing right.

Kenseiden is a great game for the Sega Master System, if not one of the best.

Another peculiarity is that the hero is a bright orange with a somewhat stiff look in the Japanese and US/EUR version.

This game has been re-released in Korea under the name “Hwarang Ui Geom” with redrawn sprites for the hero.

This hack ports these new sprites to the US version of the game and adds a few minor tweaks to some background elements as well as alternate palettes for the hero. Every change is optional for anyone to choose what he prefers.

The author did not make it very clear in his forum thread but he would like to make this hack evolve into a general improvement mod by changing a few gameplay elements, but would need guidance. If you want to help, you can contribute using the relevant link.

New Utilities Added to the Database

29 June 2022 3:27PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

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The following Utilities have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):

Compression / Decompression

Game Specific

Level Editors



New Hacks Added to the Database

29 June 2022 3:27PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

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Bug Fix



New Translations Added to the Database

29 June 2022 3:27PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

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  • Contra (Fully Playable)(NES)

Final Fantasy III NES Tweaks v2.0 Update

23 June 2022 8:28PM EST - Update by T29

ROM Hacks News

The v2.0 of Final Fantasy III NES Tweaks has been released!

Some changes were ported from Sertiana’s unreleased hack.

The L/R errors of the translation (”Gurgan” instead of “Gulgan”) were fixed.

More changes will be added in the next versions.

Super Mario Land - Timelines

23 June 2022 6:35AM EST - Update by RyanD

ROM Hacks News

Super Mario Land - Timelines has completely new levels made with the games existing tiles. The music is unchanged and there is a hard mode after the credits with additional enemies.

The game has a default GBC palette that looks good on most stages but playing in black and white or one of the other hidden GBC palettes may be more consistent. World two specifically looks a bit off in the default color palette.

  • Enemies pulled from other worlds will look like an existing enemy but will still work like the enemy they really are, missile shooting planes in world 3 look like boulders but can still be stomped.
  • Planes and birds can be stomped but the horizontal moving fish and diagonal bullet bills can’t.
  • Cloud bosses and the giant seahorses can’t be killed with the bouncing ball or stomps.

High-Quality Sound Mixing for Mother 3 (Fan Translations)

23 June 2022 12:08AM EST - Update by SummerDragonfly

ROM Hacks News

  • Mixes every individual channel at 16-bit audio before downsampling everything to 8-bit audio as opposed to the default m4a mixer which mixes every channel at 8-bit audio (blame the GBA’s DAC!)

    • This hack greatly reduces the number of quantization/rounding errors that pop up during the mixing process, making the classic GBA “background hiss” much quieter while making Shogo Sakai’s music sound crispier than ever! Results seem even better when played back on actual hardware. Enjoy!!

    DISCLAIMER FOR SPEEDRUNNERS: This patch **does modify the RNG used by MOTHER 3 and will most likely give you unexpectedly results!** Because of that, any TAS recordings of MOTHER 3 will be broken by this hack. You have been warned!!

    INSTRUCTIONS for xdelta patch: Apply this patch AFTER you have translated your Japanese copy of MOTHER 3!

    KNOWN COMPATIBLE VERSIONS with xdelta patch:

    • Dutch v1.0
    • English v1.3
    • German v1.1
    • Polish v1.0

    KNOWN INCOMPATIBLE VERSIONS with xdelta patch:

    • Italian v1.1.1
    • Portuguese v1.0


    • HQ sound mixer ingeniously programmed by ipatix, inspired by “Golden Sun”:
    • Mixer preparation and hacking by Summer Dragonfly (xkas format by Near/byuu:
    • Mother 3 decompilation and technical support: Kurausukun and theo3 (
    • Extra technical support: phoenixbound, Lorenzooone, and Yosuke
    • Special thanks to the Mother 1+2 Fan Translation/Sound Restoration project and the PRET Discord community!

    Report any bugs found to

    Bloodlines Update for Castlevania HoD: Revenge of the Findesiecle Deluxe+

    20 June 2022 6:07AM EST - Update by sorrow

    ROM Hacks News

    Another major update to Castlevania HoD: Revenge of the Findesiecle+ arrives!

    Known simply as The Bloodlines Update, in addition to the usual Quality of Life tweaks and gameplay edits, the most important new feature includes the addition of TWO MORE Extra Characters!

    Brief overview of v2.2.47 Bloodlines Update features:

    - Enter J.MORRIS in Name Entry and you will load John Morris from Bloodlines.

    - Enter ELECARDE in Name Entry and you will load Eric Lecarde from Bloodlines.

    - Sound Effects from Bloodlines added to John Morris and Eric Lecarde for a more authentic experience!

    Various Quality of Life Improvements:

    - Added 16-Bit Era Style (SNES/Genesis) Konami Logo when loading the game.

    - Added Revenge of the Findesiecle+ Title Screen Logo.

    - ALL Extra Characters should now be able to access Merchant.

    - ALL Extra Characters now load the Intro Prologue.

    - Different Intro Prologue Songs differ for some characters (Juste/Maxim, John Moriss/Eric Lacarde)

    - Different Entrance Theme Songs for: Classic Simon, Maxim, Julius, John Morris, and Eric Lecarde.

    - Menu Access for the following: Julius, Maxim, John Morris, and Eric Lecarde.

    Other updates with more specific details and an extensive List can be found within the included ReadMe file.

    As always, please stay tuned for the next major update!

    TM Network - Live in Power Bowl Translation Released

    18 June 2022 10:22AM EST - Update by Pennywise

    Translations News

    TM Network - Live in Power Bowl is a super obscure Famicom point and click adventure game. It can be best described as a scifi meets J-Pop where members of the band TM Network help you save the future of humanity.

    filler discovered this game some time ago and found it so interesting, that he translated it. Having never really worked together on a project, Pennywise agreed to hack the game for him and the rest history. Special thanks to SnowyAria, who helped finish the translation and also provided a spoiler-free English walkthrough of the game, which is included with the translation.

    Enjoy this slice of obscure J-Pop gaming history.