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Champions of the Digital World! English translation of D-1 Tamers is now available!

17 May 2021 6:52PM EST - Update by USC

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

As the current game description so eloquently puts it, “Digimon! In COLOUR! Yup.

Mere days after the events of Tag Tamers, Ryo and Ken are once again drawn into a fight for the Digital World. Three of the Digimon Sovereign have been infected with evil and now threaten all Digimon. The remaining Sovereign thus takes the only sensible option available - hosting a tournament to find the strongest Tamer in order to team up in battle! In your quest to win the tournament and prove your strength, you’ll train Digimon, fuse them to form stronger Digimon (with more reasonable requirements than Tag Tamers), and face off against Tamers and Digidestined alike!

Much like the original game, this translation patch was built on top of earlier efforts from Tag Tamer. All of the English graphic and coding enhancements from that patch have been ported over and expanded for D-1 Tamers. Additionally, several features that required link cables and other peripherals have been enabled for solo players as well.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light - New Translation Released

16 May 2021 7:35AM EST - Update by Polinym

Translations News - RHDN Project Page


Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, also known as Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari no Tsurugi, Shadow Dragons and the Blade of Light, Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light, and even Emblema de Fuego, has received a new translation by Polinym. This translation aims to remain as faithful as possible to Shouzou Kaga’s original Japanese creation.

This project began as Polinym was experimenting with a ROMHack fan-game of the original Japanese game in late November 2020. Some basic translation work was done, but only the first level was completed. Then, when the surprise announcement from Nintendo about a temporary Switch “translation” being released, he scrapped the project. Much later, at the start of Aprial, some experiments in ASM hacking led to a reboot of the project which culminated in this release.

The main objective being accuracy, this translation preserves as much of the original Japanese names as possible, using the official localized terminology wherever accurate and appropriate. The script featured in the Mystery of the Emblem Book 1 port (Polinym’s personal favorite, the 2008 fan translation by RPGuy96 and VincentASM) was heavily used as a reference, checked against the original Japanese text of the Famicom game, and slightly edited on occasion for accuracy’s sake. The previous fan translation and Switch “translation” were also used for reference.

The main advantage of this new translation is expanded text windows and a compressed script, which allows the text to be almost completely unabridged compared to previous fan translations.

Also, Polinym created a trailer to showcase the release of this new translation, which can be found here (, or in the Related Link.

Take up the blade of light Falchion once again as Prince Mars of Aritia! Liberate your homeland from the evil Durhua Empire and vanquish the Shadow Dragon Mediuth! This translation is a celebration of the first Fire Emblem game. But, celebrations don’t need to end on an arbitrary date to boost sales. The new version of the game for English speaking audiences will be available for download until the end of time.

Super Mario RPG's much-needed text edit, now updated!

10 May 2021 8:23AM EST - Update by CoolCatBomberMan

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Ted Woolsey. For people who grew up playing SNES JRPGs, the name is synonymous with timeless narratives and rose-tinted nostalgia. However, for a certain otaku known here as “CoolCatBomberMan,” the name instead brings to mind egregious translation errors, censorship and unnecessary creative liberties in regards to a game’s plot. Super Mario RPG, having been translated by Woolsey, was not exempt from this mindset. The most notable difference between the game’s English and Japanese scripts was the secret boss Culex, and his motivations for fighting Mario’s party. Upon discovering an all-encompassing editor called Lazy Shell, CoolCatBomberMan sought to create a private hack that rewrote as many mistranslations as possible. However, the number of edits to the script such a project entailed soon warranted a public release.

The largest aspect of this hack can be found in the monsters fought throughout the game. Several enemies are actually lifted from various Mario games, such as Beezo, Cheep Cheep and Lava Bubbles (a.k.a. Podoboos), but it seems as if Woolsey was not given a master list of how these enemy names were meant to be localized, and did whatever he deemed fit best, such as naming Beezos “Shy Aways,” due to their resemblance to Shy Guys. All such localizations have been reverted to their proper modern equivalents. Pop culture references in the Japanese script which were understandably mistranslated have been replaced with American pop culture references. One notable example is Belome’s Psychopath quotes. Originally, he spoke in a style similar to Yamashita Kiyoshi from the Japanese drama TV series “Hadaka no Taisho Horoki.” This hack instead has Belome quote the “Austin Powers” character Fat Bastard, due to his tendency to devour party members. INCOSISTENT capitalization AND ocasionall typpos have been fixed. Final Fantasy references lost in translation have been restored, and a few extra were added for flavor. Character inconsistencies have also been repaired. Before, Yaridovich claimed he could mimic a normal person’s voice, but his speech patterns showed no difference upon collecting Johnny Jones’ Star Piece. Now, when he ditches the act, he shifts to a Russian accent, to coincide with his Russian-inspired name.

The new v1.1 update includes further corrections in the script, an uncensored death scene, translation fixes for item names (i.e. NokNok Shell is now Koopa Shell), and a certain location’s name has been changed to its proper localization as seen in other games. The hack, in its current state, is “complete;” unless a full translation of the Japanese script surfaces online, there is nothing more (to CoolCatBomberMan’s knowledge) that needs to be fixed. If you have been holding out on Super Mario RPG, waiting for a Translation patch, or if you wish to revisit the game in a new light, then this patch is most definitely for you.


FFIV Ultima v25!

02 May 2021 1:25AM EST - Update by Ace_Aileron

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

5 months ago, Final Fantasy Ultima v20 was released shocking the RDNH community as it brought forth new features never before thought possible, including a New Game+ mode. With this release, many assumed that no additional content could be added and it would be the last release…

…but the fantasy is never final.

Rumors among the Discord community whispered of a new release and before anyone knew what was  happening, a new version dropped, causing an uproar among players - the Dev team had done it again: new areas, new bosses, and new summons. However, what soon followed would forever change the face of Final Fantasy IV and further prove that the only limitations of this edition is the Dev’s team imagination and with that, version v25k was coded into existence.

In addition to brand new spells, summons, locations, and challenges, v25k adds quality of life features never before thought possible within the confines of an SNES game. Players choosing to play this version will be introduced to a completely revamped item/equipmet and magic screen, including descriptions for both. A brand new ATB meter has been added, giving the game the same look and feel of later Final Fantasy games and adds a whole new depth of stragety within the game’s hardest fights. Those familar with the game will also notice the classic Chocobo has been upgraded, allowing adventurous players to explore brand new areas by crossing the shallows. Long time veterans of Final Fantasy IV will notice new sound effects and graphics for some of the game’s most popular weapons. As to play homage to another classic SNES RPG, a special item has been added that will make any fan of the series unbelievably giddy, especially when they discover what this item can do.

Like with every new release, v25k also includes a host of rebalances among characters, monsters, and spells; new shops, and a plethora of additional changes that you’ll simply have to experience to believe.

As always, on behalf of the Final Fantasy IV Ultima Dev team, thank you for your continued support. The hope is you enjoy the game as much as the dev team did developing it. Here’s to 25,000 downloads; see you at the next major milestone!

Joy Mech Fight Special Stream (and update)

01 May 2021 5:42PM EST - Update by Streetwize

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Joy Mech Fight is a fighting game released on the Famicom in 1993 that never saw an overseas release. Despite Nintendo’s name being on it, it was developed by two people who met at a seminar, which Nintendo decided to pick up and market. It stands programmatically and graphically impressive with constant reuse of structured code and simplified graphics to create an impressive 36 characters for the game. Its late release had a fair bit to do with its lack of reception. It’s certainly not the greatest fighting game (even if it may be only one of three fun fighters on the NES) but it has proven to be unique with quirks that allow for those experienced to break the game. The controls are responsive, though special inputs are mostly simplified and lenient for accessibility. Those used to traditional fighting games may think the game is lacking. Many characters have hidden inputs for variations of special moves, some of which do use standard inputs.

Special is intended to be a more definitive experience for competitive play. Both characters and mechanics have been heavily tuned to better fit gameplay with another person. Some of the changes sadly break the AI for characters like John and Skater. Not everything for characters has been found yet, notably the special moves’ unique properties, but at least 90% of the core gameplay can be altered.

If you had v2a or v2b, please redownload the game. A bugfix patch is included as well as an update that further tweaks some characters. v2 was a large step of progress as free space in the PRG RAM was used to alter mechanics. The current focus is refining the game as much as possible while learning how to hack due to the hacker’s relative inexperience. The hacker is aware that people enjoy new content and features, but also knows it would be wise to avoid bringing down the project from overambition.

There is a tournament for this hack being hosted next week over FightCade 2. With rollback netcode and supporting a variety of systems, it’s a great medium even for cooperative play despite the 2-player limit. The version hosted here will be the one used for the tournament. The JMF Community Discord server (linked in the tourney page and below) can help anybody interested get prepared. It will be streamed on Update: Due to the lack of players, the stream will simply feature casuals between the organizer and hacker.

To help players better understand the hack, let’s go over a bit of the new balance on what many who played the original would consider a serious issue: the Stage 4 fighters. These characters are ranked among the best in the game, with Flame and Gaean thought of as the best overall while Hanzor is regarded as the worst of the eight; Houou is banned outside of Japan. They seem to be objectively better versions of the eight you use (while Houou can be seen as a mostly-upgraded SuperZak). They move faster, do more damage, and possess a variety of knockdown attacks. Two drawbacks exist for the new eight, however. The first is that their dizzy thresholds are slightly lowered; not by much though. The second is that their knockdown attacks have less stun when guarded, letting the opponent recover sooner. The latter doesn’t seem as intentional as the former. Both of these aspects were key factors in rebalancing the characters to create high-risk, high-reward gameplay and keep most of what they were given. Do not be scared to use any of them against others. Most of the roster has been improved anyway so no matter who these characters are against they are in for a greater challenge than before. And if you think they’re still too good, then post what you think on the Personal Projects thread as the hacker is open to feedback.

If you are interested in playing Joy Mech Fight or Joy Mech Fight Special with others then now is a good time to start with the growing English community on Discord. The hacker can easily be reached from there as well.

Release of A Genwunner's Crystal

30 April 2021 3:30PM EST - Update by hydrochlorination

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

After over 2 decades, one man, going only by the name of “Hydrochlorination” has released what many Pokémon fans have wished for in the past: A Pokémon game that does not take place in Kanto, but uses only Kanto Pokémon.

That’s right. “A Genwunenr’s Crystal” is a romhack of the famous game Pokémon Crystal, but with every Pokémon that doesn’t evolve from a Generation 1 Pokémon removed. Cut out. As the update notes read, “Obliterated”.

With this hack, it’s as if Gamefreak decided to play it safer than they did. After all, most trainers in the game already use a lot of the original 151, so it can’t be that different… can it?

The Legend Of Zelda (Chunky Edition)

29 April 2021 12:36PM EST - Update by Zero Meaning

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Ever felt like your adventuring days were over due to too much pesky detail?

Ever dreamed of a cuter world where pixels are bigger?

Ever wished Zelda could be… chunkier?

The Legend Of Zelda: Chunky Edition is the hack for you!

Boasting almost 100% less graphical fidelity, TLOZ: Chunky Edition modifies all visual aspects of the game, doubling up most if not all pixels to create a blockier, thicker aesthetic.

This hack should appeal to:

• Gamers wanting to experience the most legendary adventure of all time in a new way.

• People who have issues with small pixels on CRTs or other devices.

• Lovers of cute art styles.

• Those who just need less detail in their life.

Also changes the Blue Ring palette to be a bluer blue.

Lovingly crafted by Zero Meaning.

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