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Manall's FF1 v3.0 Release

01 October 2023 12:16AM EST - Update by Manall

ROM Hacks News

3.0 is going to do what 2.0 did…all over again!

Magecore is a brand new post-CHAOS, soft-hardcore challenge in which only mages are available - including a new one, the Shield Mage! The catch? Magecore parties do not have access to clinics OR life spells…YIKES. Among a host of new weapons - and not just for the new class - the old LIFE and LIFE2 spells have been repurposed to help protect the party against the elements in other ways.

Moving over to combat. In general, the pace of battles has received a facelift, moving a little further away from 1987 and a little more toward the present day. The response rates have also been adjusted to be more useful, in case it is now too fast for players. Mage fans are going to love 3.0 - magic users can now rearrange and forget spells they have previously learned. Most importantly, enemies FINALLY indicate they are taking their turn like later FF entries! The oceans have come alive at last, along with a new coat of world map paint and class change sprites… Oh, and wait until you see CHAOS.

There is also a… new broom in Matoya’s Cave, who will help out new players with advice. Just keep talking to him - he has multiple tips!

There’s far more to 3.0 than headlines - like the new ZONA spell, which reflects damage back at spellcasters, or the vicious but freighty Violin spider. Head on over and check out the full changelog!!

This is the last major planned update for this mod.

Chocobo Land - English Translation

28 September 2023 3:53AM EST - Update by Nezz

Translations News

Chocobo and his friends just wanted to have a picnic. But suddenly magic dice abduct them to a strange land where they turn against each other to compete in exciting board games. Join Chocobo on his quest to discover the true reason for this chaos!

Summon dozens of creatures with various abilities from the Final Fantasy franchise to extract money from your opponents when they land on your square. Cast spells and manipulate the board and the dice to your advantage.

First released as part of the Chocobo Collection in 1999, this enhanced Gameboy Advanced remake is now finally playable in English.

Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the U.S. Release of Pokemon Red and Blue with Shin Pokemon!

27 September 2023 7:15PM EST - Update by jojobear13

ROM Hacks News

Are you ready to catch ‘em all – as you were truly meant to?

The ROM hack Shin Pokemon is a labor of love developed over 5 years that cleans up and enhances the original Pokemon Red and Blue while keeping with the original vision of the games. The concept for Shin Pokemon revolves around a “what if”: What if the 2016 Nintendo Virtual Console re-release of the Gen 1 Pokemon games had received the full amenities of a modern remaster?

Rather than trying to re-invent the formula, Shin Pokemon is meant to perfect what was already there and give fans some much-requested extra features.

Shin Pokemon offers a wide variety of enhancements to the original games, such as:

  • Fixes for over 200 bugs
  • Improved AI behaviors
  • Upgraded gameplay for the Game Boy Color
  • Quality of life updates
  • Secrets and hidden superbosses

Don’t miss your chance to experience the original Pokemon Red and Blue as they were always meant to be (plus a little more).

Download Shin Pokemon today! Click the link to the RHDN Project Page, or click the Relevant Link to visit the main GitHub project page.

Ultima Underworld (PSX) English Translation

26 September 2023 8:47PM EST - Update by Gertius

Translations News

After 27 years of being inaccessible to the west, the PSX port of Ultima Underworld has now received an English translation patch.

Playing the PSX version may be worthwhile, because there are some notable differences to the PC version:

  • Different cinematics
  • Creature models are in 3D
  • Anime portraits
  • Control scheme for console controller
  • Full screen 3D display
  • No typing, all spells, mantras, replies can be selected by a menu

In addition to that, the PSX version can be played in emulators, which for example makes the game available on portable systems like 2DS/3DS.

Download Link (126mb, too big to be hosted on here):

I would like to use this thread to collect your feedback. Please post your impressions, feedback and also bug reports here!

Crystalis (Female) Patch!

25 September 2023 9:07PM EST - Update by Manall

ROM Hacks News

A simple patch this time, for a cherished forerunner of the action RPG.

Cosmetically, it changes the protagonist to female & edits the palette from purple to green. Also included is a more ranged-themed scepter weapon. As well, players can choose Continue at the startup menu to begin with the Warrior Ring in their inventory, which will help address the grind, lessen the twitch-reaction gameplay, and reduce the need to constantly ensure the weapon is charged to deal meaningful damage.

J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues - English Translation

22 September 2023 4:37PM EST - Update by Arjak

Translations News

Finally available in full English outside of the confines of the Pioneer LaserActive, J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues follows the titular detective as he attempts to solve the mystery behind a double-homicide in the Windy City, and as the saying goes, this time, it’s personal, for one of the victims is his own fiancée!

This is the fifth game in the J.B. Harold series from Riverhill Soft, of which only two others were released in any capacity in the west: Murder Club (PC and TurboGrafx CD), and Manhattan Requiem (LaserActive and Mobile).

This translation patch, a year in the making, was finally released on SegaXtreme earlier this month. Using rare English-language FMV scenes, and a fresh translation of the text, the game has been fully localized into English for fans to play on Sega Saturn.

Good luck on your investigation!

Castlevania - The Last Tear

16 September 2023 4:15AM EST - Update by Sky77

ROM Hacks News

Welcome to “The Last” Saga, the first part of the TRILORGY begins!!!

With this news, an important update, everything will change! The Saga of the Trilogy “The Last” will begin!

Castlevania - The Last Tear (1 by 3)

After so much trouble with the Belmont family… Simon has his last account pending… to do with the resurrected Count Dracula again… Than to end the Belmont lineage…?? One last tear…

A brand new Castlevania Hack, all to be discovered with new beautiful graphics, difficulty in the norm almost like the original without hitches and various annoyances… The music and the behavior of the enemies are like the original to regain the nostalgic passion! A well done project, very deep, very nice designer, especially with a lot of patience and effort, for this game !! To all Castlevania fans!! Good Fun!!!