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Crystalis Switched Roles

28 November 2023 9:23PM EST - Update by cardunmax

ROM Hacks News

Crystalis Switched Roles is here! Simea has been switched out with Mesia for the hero role. See the parallel world where Amazones has been likewise changed to Monistar the town of Monks.

Gameplay itself remains unchanged for the most part except that you now play as Mesia who you can easily change the name of at the start of the game to whatever you deem worthy.

Stom and Akahana have also been changed in order to keep the story as it is intact along with the swapped people.

Sonic Jam: Tails World released!

27 November 2023 7:12PM EST - Update by privateye

ROM Hacks News

Sonic Team contributed to a couple of Sega Saturn games starring their namesake character (Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic R) but the only Saturn Sonic title with their name on is Sonic Jam. This is a compilation of the mainline Mega Drive games and includes Sonic World, a bonus feature with eight simple missions and several museums offering a look back on the history of Sonic, all within a small 3D level.

Yeah, Sonic in 3D! For real! It was a dream come true for Sonic-starved Saturn owners in 1997 and is still a lovely space worth exploring today, especially considering that it has never been replicated in any other Sonic compilation to date.

This ROM hack breathes new life into Sonic World by replacing the titular character with his trusty sidekick Tails, and it’s more than a mere model swap as Tails has a high jump that simulates his signature flying ability! Think of Tails as an easy mode for the missions.

Only a handful of bytes need to be modified to make Tails playable, which is a testament to the flexibility of Sonic Team’s game engine. Most of the changes are there to keep the game rendering Tails and a few give him his own feel, such as the faux-flying ability.

To play, simply select Sonic World from the title screen. Everything in the 3D world should be accessible to Tails. Fly high!

A new balancing for Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia!

26 November 2023 7:45PM EST - Update by Allerius

ROM Hacks News

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia - Rebalanced has been released! This hack changes the stats of almost all glyphs, items and enemies in the game, trying to make the gameplay more cohesive and balanced, and with more replaying value. The main goal was to produce a new gameplay that was interesting and at the same time that didn’t allow cheese ways of beating the game, nonetheless maintaining the feel of the original version.

This hack is harder than the original game’s normal mode because the healing items were removed/changed, but it’s supposed to be easier than it’s hard mode, and is targeted at both new and veteran players.

Some features include:

  • Melee weapons based in magic;
  • Change of location of some glyphs;
  • Location of MP max up’s and of HP max up’s switched;
  • A difficulty curve that is supposed to follow the experience of the player, beginning easy and ending hard.

Open Call for New Submission Reviewers

22 November 2023 11:21AM EST - Update by USC

Site News

The RHDN staff are posting an open call for new submission reviewers! As a submission reviewer, you would be working with the rest of the team to check up to several hundred submissions per month. In addition, you would help respond to Contact Staff inquiries and participate in staff discussions.

If you are interested or have any questions, please send a message via the Contact Us form. Please briefly tell about your experience with the site and why you’re interested in volunteering, along with how much time you think you could spend reviewing per week.

Thank you!

Refined Gold Overhaul - v3.0.6 Release!

21 November 2023 3:45PM EST - Update by RefinedPlatinum

ROM Hacks News

The v3.0.6 update of Refined Gold Overhaul, “From Whitney, With Spite” has just been released! Due to bandwith issues, for now it’ll be hosted on Google Drive, but will be put back onto RHDN in a few weeks once bandwith stuff has calmed down. Check it out on the download page, or the relevant URL link below!

This update takes some long-standing issues with midgame progression and the oddly sharp earlygame level curve and smooths them out, resulting in a much cleaner and nicer experience both in the Falkner-Whitney stretch and especially the Mahogany part of the Olivine-first path of the midgame. Furthermore, major stability issues have been remedied. The game now will handle certain new dialogue better, and is now fully compatible with TWM+ as of v26.3.0 onwards. Literally a whole month was put into testing on both MelonDS and real hardware, figuring out issues and cleaning up the ROM to ensure compatibility - huge shoutout to DeadskullzJr for that.

There are also a lot of nice improvements under the hood, ranging from smoothing out wild levels, a move relearner in Cianwood, switching some outdated MultiLocalText to ListLocalText, and even two extra trainers to spice up the Ecruteak segment.

This is the perfect time to start a new playthrough and feel the smoother, tastier Johto gameplay - now running like butter on Melon and Twilight Menu alike.

Google Drive link and project page below!

Newly Discovered Easter Egg in Maniac Mansion NES

20 November 2023 3:45AM EST - Update by gzip

Other News

User gzip has discovered an interesting easter egg in Maniac Mansion for the NES. It can be triggered in the arcade room by opening the coin box of the Tuna Diver arcade game using the small key from Edna’s room and activating the USE verb in combination with an invisible object just to the left of the doorknob. The coin box for the Meteor Mess arcade game must also be closed.

This sequence of events triggers a multi-line dialog by the original re-scripter of Maniac Mansion for the NES, Ron Baldwin. Ron was also a contributer for most of the original SCUMM games.

The easter egg was discovered by inspecting the assembly code and is highly unlikely to be discovered by accident due the combination of object state and the use of a hidden object, hence it’s 35+ years of secrecy.

The full dialog of the easter egg is as follows:

Ron Baldwin has done a killer job in adapting this game for use on the NES. So, please tell all of your friends to run out and buy it!

If you’re a Maniac Mansion fan then don’t forget to check out Maniac Mansion Uncensored!

Tetris Sherlock Holmes

19 November 2023 10:51PM EST - Update by marcospartout

ROM Hacks News

Do you like Tetris AND Sherlock Holmes? So does the (newbie) author. The result of mixing two of the things they love is this simple Sherlock Holmes aesthetic Tetris.

Are you skilled enough to beat Irene Adler or Ms. Hudson? Good luck!