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Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions Tweak v2.50

30 November 2022 10:07PM EST - Update by Tzepish

ROM Hacks News

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions Tweak has been updated to version 2.50!

War of the Lions Tweak is a balance and quality-of-life improvement mod for Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, designed to make the game more fun and less annoying to play. This mod is not intended to create a wholly *new* experience - instead, its goal is an idealized version of Final Fantasy Tactics, one that would have been a better game if it were released in this form back in 1997.

Two years in the making since the previous release, version 2.50 ports several popular PS1 ASM hacks to the PSP (and includes several original ASM hacks for the PSP) in order to improve as much of the game as possible. This is the first release that embraces game balance as a goal itself, rather than just a few balance tweaks for quality of life purposes.

New features include:

  • Full balance pass over the game: the beginning of the game is easier, the end of the game is much harder.
  • Faster start: no longer are the first three battles fought with a team of identical Squires making identical melee attacks.
  • Gender equality: female and male characters now have the same base stats and equipment access.
  • Underpowered options have been improved, making more kinds of character builds viable (include physical and magical hybrid builds).
  • Broken or stolen items can be purchased back in the Poachers’ Den (instead of causing the player to reset the game in frustration).
  • ASM hacks to various weapon formulas make them work more like how the player expects (for example, axe randomization has been fixed).
  • The previously multiplayer-exclusive items have been redistributed throughout the final chapter and the postgame for a more satisfying progression.
  • Special characters can now go on Errands, allowing the player to use the Errands system to develop their entire team.

The readme file includes details and commentary on every change, and the archive contains the full mod source for those who are interested in modding it for themselves.

Last Armageddon (NES) English Translation Patch v1.0 is Released... Properly, this time!

27 November 2022 7:45PM EST - Update by BlackPaladin

Translations News

I’m sure there are people who remember a translation patch released several years ago by Chably. Well, that patch was… bad. (The less said about that patch, the better.) Well, it’s time to right a wrong that was made years before. An English Translation patch for Last Armageddon (for the NES/Famicom) is finally released… properly, this time!

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where all life on Earth was completely wiped out, and the surface was ruled by demons. After a confrontation from an alien from Planet Chrius, twelve demons are sent out on a two-pronged mission. These twelve demons must eliminate the alien threat and discover what is the mystery of gigantic stone slabs scattered all over the surface.

Finally! Reduced random encounters in Breath of Fire II!

25 November 2022 12:18PM EST - Update by Ok Impala!

ROM Hacks News

Of all the SNES JRPGs released in the west, Breath of Fire II might have been the one most in need for a reduced encounter rate. Today Breath of Fire fans can finally rejoice! This hack adjusts the encounter rate in Breath of Fire II (SNES), so you can play the game with less interruptions by random battles. You can choose from three different patches:

Choose your preferred encounter rate:

  • 01 Breath of Fire II less encounters (-50%)
  • 02 Breath of Fire II few encounters (-75%)
  • 03 Breath of Fire II very few encounters (-94%)


  • Double Exp and Zenny. This will be useful when playing with a low encounter rate.

Please note that Smoke will still lower the encounter rate and the Collar will still raise the encounter rate.

You can combine these patches with other hacks, like Breath of Fire II Maeson or the English retranslation by Ryusui and d4s. Be aware though that the Double Exp and Zenny patch is NOT compatible with Breath of Fire II Maeson. If you’d like these patches to work with the retranslation, please read the important notice in the ReadMe.

Enjoy Breath of Fire II once more, this time without the grind!

Squitter's Spider Quest - A DKC2 ROM Hack

25 November 2022 12:18PM EST - Update by Saetta06

ROM Hacks News

This ROM Hack of Donkey Kong Country 2 makes you play as Squitter in every single level!

Squitter has got a very unique and large moveset that lets him beat the game on his own. He is defined the best animal buddy by the fans for that. He can shoot quick webs to hit enemies, this attack got a super wide range since it moves out of bounds and can be angled, but the best of all is that he can make web platforms to stand on, allowing him to gain infinite height! He also has his disadvantages, as he can’t stomp on enemies or grab objects or ropes, but he makes up for it with his abilities.

Objects have been rearranged to make sure Squitter can navigate the levels safely, and to allow him to enter every bonus and get every DK Coin, allowing for 102% still!

Most bosses are also left as is, but Kleever and Kreepy Krow work with Squitter, so he can fight them!

Will it be a piece of cake? Will it be a much harder challenge? Hope you enjoy this hack!

Goemon: The Successor for a New Generation -- English Translation Released!

21 November 2022 8:30AM EST - Update by acediez

Translations News

Goemon Shin Sedai Shuumei (Goemon: The Successor for a New Generation) is a single-player action platformer with light exploration elements and first-person mech battles. It’s the last Goemon game released on the original PlayStation.

As a Japan-exclusive, late PS1 game, it’s often overlooked, even by fans of the franchise, who were turned off by the drastic change in style and tone. It also didn’t include a two-player cooperative mode, another franchise staple.

Looking at it by its own merits though, it’s a challenging and polished action platformer with a beautiful presentation, and great soundtrack on top of all. It’s a recommended playthrough for anyone looking out for quality overlooked 2D action platformers of the era.

As a piece of gaming history, it’s one of the swan songs of an era that was about to fade away: that of the 2D action platformers as main console releases. A trend that would take an entire console generation to come back in some capacity. If anything, this attempt to adapt a well-known franchise for a more mainstream audience (unsuccessful for the franchise as it was), is a demonstration of the compromises game studios had to go through to keep making games of this genre and value during this era, where the market was pushing them to lower budget handheld releases. Ironically, the down-scaled GBA port this game got was a taste of what was in store for the genre.

The translation:

The whole script has been translated, as well as the video subtitles (covering up the original game’s hardcoded Japanese subtitles), menus, and every single in-game graphic with any text on them. The bulk of the script can be found on the mostly-optional town dialogues and side-quests. So, while the game was technically beatable without knowing any Japanese, a big part of its content wouldn’t have been accessible. Now it is. Enjoy!

This project is dedicated to the Goemon SFC translation team of DDS, Tom and FlashPV. It was my pleasure and honor to work with some of you, and to be part of the wave of attention to the Goemon franchise your work sparked.

Donkey Kong 4 released!

20 November 2022 7:38PM EST - Update by signalbeam

ROM Hacks News

A ROM hack has been released by new creator Signal Beam which attempts to show what it would be like if Super Mario Bros. had been a Donkey Kong game!

Featuring Mario Bros. and Wrecking Crew enemies, this single-world hack sees Mario jumping over barrels, dodging enemies in mine-carts, and facing off against a banana-spitting Donkey Kong.

Can you reach the top of the construction site and pull the bolt out of the girder to drop Donkey Kong?

After years of people asking him to come to Brazil, he came.

18 November 2022 10:08PM EST - Update by Marcos Moutta

ROM Hacks News

Mario Goes to Brazil is a short but very sweet hack with awesome graphics, amazing music and tough-as-nails gameplay. Visit iconic locations from Brazil, fight an evil boss on each stage and defeat king Koopa’s army once and for all!

The project entered its planning stage all the way back in 2009 but only became a thing this year (2022). The aim was to stand out - Mario hacks all kinda look the same, you go through familiar levels on a mission to save a princess or two. Another intent was to show people the cool places/biomes Brazil has. Nowadays whenever people talk about Brazil it’s either crime, the amazon forest burning, corruption or big asses. That’s not what the country is about! Besides, the asses aren’t that big.

Download Mario Goes to Brazil now!

Windows 2000 NES released in English

18 November 2022 6:31AM EST - Update by tygerbug

ROM Hacks News

What if Windows 95, 98 or 2000 was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicom)?

In the 2000s, there were several “educational” multicarts for the Subor and Dendy systems that attempted to duplicate some of the Windows experience, and turn the Famicom hardware into something more like an 8-bit computer.

This is a hack which translates the Russian “Bravesoft Windows” (also released in Chinese as SuborWin) to English, and decompresses and redesigns the graphics.

While not all of it is functional, or even intended to be functional, most of the Applications work, especially with use of the Subor keyboard (or an emulated equivalent).

As with many other Subor educational multicarts, users can program games in Family Basic. There are multiple word processors and a version of Excel. You can play traditional Russian songs or other music. There’s also card games and Minesweeper.

For those unfamiliar with Chinese and Russian educational multicarts, this is also a good introduction to what they were like. It’s something a little different for the NES.

Reduce Random Encounters in Breath of Fire!

16 November 2022 10:04AM EST - Update by Ok Impala!

ROM Hacks News

Right on the heels of a reduced encounter rate patch for Lufia and the Fortress of Doom, here is a similar patch for the original Breath of Fire! This patch lowers the encounter rate in Breath of Fire (SNES), so you can play the game with less interruptions by random battles. You can choose from two different patches:

Choose your preferred encounter rate:

  • 01 Breath of Fire (less encounters)(-50%)
  • 02 Breath of Fire (few encounters)(-75%)


  • Double Exp and Gold (by Justin3009). This will be useful when playing with a low encounter rate.

Please note that the Gown and SageML will still raise the encounter rate, so be aware when using those items.

You can combine these patches with other Breath of Fire hacks, like FlamePurge’s War of the Goddess patch.

Enjoy Breath of Fire once more, this time without the grind!

Translation of Final Fantasy I for Nintendo NES to Spanish, made by Rod Mérida / Crackowia

16 November 2022 10:03AM EST - Update by RodMerida

Translations News

Traducciones Crackowia is proud to announce the release of their translation of Final Fantasy 1 for Nintendo NES to the Spanish language. Made by Rod Mérida, with the contribution of LuisCoco, from Venezuela, as programmer of debugging tools for detecting wrong pointers and text overflow issues in dialogs, this translation was started in 23rd January of 2001, and few time after abandonned. This snapshot, recovered from an old CD-R that contained a backup of the author’s 3.2 GB hard disk, could be a proof and remind of those days: . This project was rescued from oblivion and continued twenty years after, in 23rd November of 2021. It was almost completed after three days of ROM editing and testing. Now, thanks to the contribution of Crackowia team’s programmer, it has been debugged, finished and released. This patch even fixes a bug contained in some FF1 dumps from 1997 whose SRAM, or saving function, was disabled and doesn’t properly load saved games in many modern emulators and real machines, so with these dumps, this translation correct that issue.

The translation itself is totally faithful to any editorial aspect present in the American ROM of Final Fantasy 1, like the use of capitalization as a form of underlying, for some key terms of the game.

This contribution may be considered to be an excellent chance for Spanish speaking fans of the series to go back in past to the very first Final Fantasy, that saved Square from bankrupt, thus contradicting its own name.

Further information about the translation process may be found in this article: .