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English Translation of Gimmick Land Released!

04 August 2022 3:31PM EST - Update by TomatoAdventure_Fan

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Breaking news! Breaking news! It’s finally time for the kids of the Ketchup Kingdom to celebrate. Because for the first time in history, Gimmick Land is now available to play in English!

Gimmick Land is an RPG for the GBC developed by AlphaDream, who are perhaps best known for their work on the beloved Mario & Luigi series. This game essentially serves as a prototype for Tomato Adventure, a game for the GBA that received an English fan translation in 2021. Gimmick Land was completely finished and intended for release, but Nintendo asked AlphaDream to rework the game in order to better suit their newest iteration in the Game Boy line of products. Before the “Nintendo Gigaleak” of September 2020, the only public documentation of Gimmick Land that existed was two screenshots.

Gimmick Land has you take control of DeMille, a young boy who must embark on a legendary journey to save his girlfriend from the clutches of the evil King Abira. In order to gain access to Gimmick Palace and save the day, DeMille must first take down the almighty 6 Super Kids. This light-hearted RPG features much of the same quirky humor and gameplay charm that is a common staple of AlphaDream’s finest RPGs. Fans of the coveted Mario & Luigi series will notice the roots of many gameplay ideas that would soon be fleshed out, and further expanded upon in the iconic series.

The Legend of Princess Kaguya

31 July 2022 6:55PM EST - Update by FCandChill

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A new complete translation of Kaguya Hime Densetsu (The Legend of Princess Kaguya) for the Famicom has been released. This game was originally translated by snark back in 2009 until it was passed off to Pennywise and Eien Ni Hen for further improvement. It was then years later passed off to and finished by FCandChill. Project timelines aside, this is a vast improvement over the original translation. The rom was expanded, giving the script far more room to breathe and menus were expanded. Additionally, this new project addresses many lost detail and translation issues.

In any case, The Legend of Princess Kaguya is a fun little Famicom adventure game worth checking out. It has a quirky sense of humor and with a lot of fun characters. Featured inside is a fully translated manual, with game hints on how to progress.

New Hacks Added to the Database

30 July 2022 11:04PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

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The following Hacks have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):


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New Translations Added to the Database

30 July 2022 11:04PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

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Final Fantasy IV SNES Record Keeper Sprites Port v1.3 Released!

28 July 2022 1:41AM EST - Update by T92

ROM Hacks News

The v1.3 of Final Fantasy IV SNES Record Keeper Sprites Port has been released!

The changes include:

  • A new sprite for the pig status and Anna (Thanks to mrBrawndo).
  • A more yellow color for Rydia’s hair.
  • Swaped cosmic and classic Cecil. (Now there’s a optional patch for cosmic Cecil)

The author will continue working on Final Fantasy III NES Tweaks soon.

Baroque available in English for the first time!

26 July 2022 2:51PM EST - Update by T92

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BAROQUE is a dungeon-crawler RPG with rogue-like elements developed by Sting Entertainment.

For the first time available in English.

Patch link:

Want to report a bug or leave feedback? Join the Discord server:

Super Super Super just released!

25 July 2022 12:04PM EST - Update by itsthehamster07

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Brand new romhack that has 18 levels. There are multiple little skips/bonuses that you can take if you know how to do them. Every world has a theme, and the physics are changed to fit the hack accordingly. If it was explained any further, it would sort of spoil the levels, so just go play it!

Legend of Zelda: A New Light Official Release

24 July 2022 10:07PM EST - Update by gzip

ROM Hacks News

After several years of development The Legend of Zelda: A New Light finally gets an official release! Highlights include new graphics, new dungeons, new dungeon music, moved secrets, and playability enhancements.

Shin Megami Tensei for the PlayStation Translation Released

24 July 2022 1:56PM EST - Update by Fothsid

Translations News

A complete translation of the PlayStation version of Shin Megami Tensei has been released. Fothsid worked on the hacking, Tom did the translation, and FlashPV edited the title screen graphics. The patch includes 100% translated in-game text and soft subtitles for a couple of FMVs.

We hope you enjoy it!

Elvira's Monster Party (NES) updated

22 July 2022 4:22PM EST - Update by tygerbug

ROM Hacks News

It’s a blazing hot summer right now, but we’re looking forward to Halloween. You’ll be well prepared with this hack originally issued in 2020, where horror hostess and “Queen of Halloween” Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) hosts a special uncensored version of Bandai’s 1989 NES game “Monster Party.” Based on the prototype restoration by Stardust Crusaders, this hack has been overhauled for 2022, with brand-new, visually complex introductory cutscenes featuring Elvira herself. The rest of the hack is unchanged, as Elvira takes on a parade of movie monsters in a parody world of horrors.