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This utility can not be hosted on RHDN. It can be downloaded from the author’s site at

Have you ever wanted to replay the Legend of Zelda, but played it so often that you can’t get it out of your head?

This can shuffle the game as you like to allow you to re-experience Zelda each time that you play it.

Here’s a list of what is included in the new version!

  • Added Shuffle Level 9 Monsters - now you can have Gibdos/Darknuts/Goriyas in level 9 instead of Wizzrobes! (Beware: this makes it more likely you’ll find wizzrobe dungeons elsewhere)
  • Added Starting Tunic Color options - now Link can have a different color tunic than the normal green to start!/li
  • Added Replace Book Fire with Explosion - If selected, the power of the book to create fire will be replaced by an explosion (like a bomb). The book can be purchased from a shop (replacing the most expensive shield, which will replace the book in the item shuffle). Book will cost 200 rupees, and if shops are shuffled, will be guaranteed to be found in exactly 1 shop on the overworld.
  • Fixed some UI bugs, including accidental space at the start/end of flags.
  • Fixed a few text errors in hints/li
  • Fixed a couple of unwinnable seed bugs that were found!
  • Other fixes probably were done, but not properly documented. The appropriate documentor has been punished to 12 minutes without eating cookie bar for his transgression.
  • A mysterious “Tournament” button appeared. What is that button for? Stay tuned…

This should work on any clean original Legend of Zelda ROM.


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