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MEKA is a multi-machine emulator for MS-Windows and GNU/Linux (older versions support MS-DOS). The following machines are supported by MEKA:

- Sega Game 1000 (SG-1000)

- Sega Computer 3000 (SC-3000)

- Sega Super Control Station (SF-7000)

- Sega Mark III (+ FM Unit)

- Sega Master System (SMS)

- Sega Game Gear (GG)

- ColecoVision (COLECO)

- Othello Multivision (OMV)

Along with a wide range of peripherals and exotic games support, MEKA also includes a powerful debugger and various debugging/hacking tools. It has a memory editor feature which let you edit the RAM, VRAM, ROM, palette, save data, and z80 code in real time. This emulator also comes with a tile viewer, a pallet viewer, and a command line debugger.

The project was initiated in 1998 and is still maintained by Omar Cornut “Bock”, and MEKA benefits from contributions or open source libraries from Hiromitsu Shioya “Hiro-shi”, Marat Fayzullin “Rst38h”, Maxim, Mitsutaka Okazaki, Ulrich Cordes, Maxim Stephin, Dirk Stevens among others. Refer to MEKA documentation (meka.txt) for more detailed credits.

Although MEKA is still updated and maintained today, and still useful (namely for its support for non-common games and hardware and various debugging/features) its design shows its age. Please be kind with this software.

MEKA is a free software distributed under a BSD-like license, allowing you to browse and reuse sources and data with no restrictions.

Source code is also included.


User Review Information
User Reviews
Good for making PAR codesMathUser292905 Dec 2012N/AYes
Great tool for learning aspects of the rom!InfamousKnight04 Dec 2012N/AYes