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Level Editors


A level editor for the NES game Karnov. Supports both the US and Japanese versions.

This editor only works with certain bad dumps of the ROM. The only two versions of Karnov that the author could get to work with this editor are:

Karnov (J) [b1] [o1] Karnov (U) [b1] [o4]

Mad-Dog tested it with 14 different versions of the ROM, including the verified good dump of the US version. The only two versions he couldn’t find to test it on (going by GoodNES 3.10’s database) were:

Karnov (U) [b4] Karnov (U) [o1]

In the event that anyone wants to test them as well.

When attempting to open any ROM other than the two previously mentioned as being compatible with the editor, an error pops up stating “Invalid ROM Size.” and, indeed, the two bad dumps that it does work with possess unique sizes that do not match any of the other versions.


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