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PSX/2 CNF Creator



PSX/2 CNF Creator is a small tool for creating SYSTEM.CNF files compatible with PSOne (PS1) and PSTwo (PS2) consoles, being mainly used for disk homebrews.

  1. ## Features

  • Supports create SYSTEM.CNF files (PSOne and PSTwo)
  • Supports create SYSTEM.CNF files for OPL Mini (PSTwo)
  • Supports any ELF file (PSOne and PSTwo)
  • Supports any KELF file (OPL Mini for PSTwo)
  • Supports file and program versioning (PSTwo)
  • Supports PAL and NTSC video modes (PSTwo)
  • Supports HDDUNITPOWER in NONE, HDD, NIC and NICHDD modes (PSTwo)

- OPL mini support only HDD, NIC and NICHDD modes

  • Supports TCB (PSOne)
  • Supports EVENT (PSOne)
  • Supports STACK (PSOne)
  • Supports Dummy file creation (gargabe)
  • Automatically corrects the file format SYSTEM.CNF
  • CLEAR option added as facilitator
  • Compatible (tested) with the following operating systems: Windows 8/8.1/10


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