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Text Pattern Finder

Table Generators


This tool is a text finder that uses a pattern to find characters instead of relying on any encoding. Its primary purpose is to help people trying to make .tbl files for text editing.

A explanation of how it works; The difference between A and B is 1. And likewise, A to C is 2. D to G is 3. And so on.

This tool builds an array of differences between all the characters you put into it. It then builds an array of all of the byte differences in the given file. Then it simply checks if the text difference exists in the file.

The tool also outputs the difference array into a file called Pattern.txt in case you’d like to find the difference yourself.

So, if you take Brain Lord, the SNES game, and look for “remeer”, you’ll find two patterns that match ‘remeer’. One at 0xCA3B8, another at 0×12030D. You can then edit the 5 bytes at either location. If you then load up the game, you should find one of those two locations changed the main characters default name.

You can then use this knowledge to build a .tbl file for easier text editing in some other text editor that supports them. In this example, you’ll find that 0×31 is ‘r’, 0×3E is ‘e’, and so on. You could then simply keep editing the bytes at the locations found to keep building a .tbl file so you can work from there.

The program only accepts basic English alphabet. No numbers or special characters, and will only work with all uppercase or all lowercase, but not mixed.

The program was made in Java, and should have compatibility with 1.5, or Java 5, and upward. It’s a command prompt utility. The .bat file is there to help those unfamiliar with command prompt, but it’s not necessary.


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