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New Super Mario Bros ISO Editor (Wii)

Game Specific


This is an editor that lets you customize parts of your New Super Mario Bros Wii game, and will patch the changes into your ISO file. You can adjust the difficulty of the game to your liking.


  • Lets you adjust how fast the level timer counts down, which of course determines how much time you have to finish the level. You can make the timer run faster or slower.
  • You can change how much each coin you collect is worth.
  • Allows you to choose how many lives you get when you collect 100 coins.
  • You can also have it so that the Super Guide is always available.
  • There are some handy buttons that will show you information to help you decide what values to use, like the normal amounts, and the values that are currently in the iso file (this is handy if you’ve made previous adjustments with the editor, but forgot what they were).
  • There are a few info buttons, and a general help button that should answer any questions. A readme file is also included.
  • Works on the USA version (Game ID = SMNE01). Has only been tested on Rev 2 / version 1.02. Couldn’t find version 1.01 anywhere, so not sure if it works on that version or not. Only works on ISO files.
  • Editor checks to make sure you have the correct file/version, and won’t let you open the wrong one.


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