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Road Rash 64 Editor

Game Specific


This editor lets you customize many parts of your Road Rash 64 game, and will patch the changes to your ROM. Only designed for the “Big Game” mode, so most changes won’t work in “Thrash” mode.

Lets you edit:

  • Your starting money.
  • Price for some of the bikes.
  • How many bikes are available in the bike shop.
  • Your bike health and how much damage it takes.
  • The number of opponents you race against.
  • How much money you get when you finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.
  • Which bikes your opponents ride.
  • Can turn on the checksum bypass if needed.
  • Several buttons that show you handy preset values, including the current values in the ROM in case you want to make changes to previous settings.
  • Only works on the USA version. ROM must be in .z64 format (can use external programs like Tool64 to convert your ROM if needed).
  • Program checks to make sure you have the correct ROM.
  • Program is only designed for the “Big Game” mode, so best not to use “Thrash” mode.
  • Editor remembers your previous settings, and will display them the next time you load your ROM.
  • Help and info buttons should answer any questions.


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