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Herzog Zwei Unused Turret Editor

Game Specific


This editor gives you access to 2 gun turrets that were deleted from the final release of Herzog Zwei (Genesis/MD), and allows you to edit their stats and deploy them.

Updated to ver 1.0 (3/20/2021). Added preset buttons so you can see what stats other units use since the ROM was released with all the unused turret stats set to zero (this makes it much easier to know where to adjust your stats for a balanced game). Added preset Help button with useful info.

  • Have set max limits on most of the stats based on other units to help keep the game balanced.
  • Can have the turrets fire ammo and/or missiles.
  • Remembers your stat settings and will display them the next time you run the editor. This makes it easier if you want to make adjustments.
  • Will work on either version of the game (USA/European or Japanese).
  • The ‘Help’ button has lots of info, and should answer any questions.


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