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SuperFX Object Dumper

Data Extraction / Insertion


This is the Starfox Object Dumper. Given the correct addresses for vertex and poly data, it will extract the 3D object at the given address to an .obj file.

It also handles the animated objects. For each frame, it outputs an individual .obj file, which can then be recombined into a single animated object in the 3D modeller of your choice, such as Blender.

So far, it appears that all SuperFX software uses the same model format, so this should also work with Starfox 2, Vortex, Stunt Race FX, and so on. However, I do not have a list of the data addresses to test these roms with. If you have those, please send them to me and I will include them in an update to the repository.

Since this code is platform independent, I have provided the Github repository for source code. You will need to build it for yourself, but should only need a basic C++ compiler that uses the recent C++ 2017 spec. No special libraries are needed or used.

If these executables do not work as-is, please try to build from directly from source before contacting me. If you encounter bugs, wish to submit changes, or find models that are not properly decoded, please submit an issue on the github so I can address it.


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