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Lunar Ball Editor

Level Editors


Lunar Ball level editor, only works with the Japanese version of the game (Lunar Ball (J).nes). There is both a Windows and a Linux version inside.

How to use:

Drag the rom file to the executable, or pass it as a parameter. When you close the editor, it should save your changes in a new rom “output.nes”, you can also reopen this file if you want.


Left Click - Basic interaction. Use tool to add something, drag until you are satisfied with your action.

Right Click - Delete something from selected tool, you can also drag to see what’s going to be deleted.

Middle Click / U key - Undo last action, can also be used to cancel current action.

Left/Right Arrow - Change map.

Up Arrow - Switch stage, there is two per map.

Down Arrow - Change toolbox.

Delete key - Clear entire map, this can’t be undone!

Keys 0 to 9 - Select tool from toolbox.

Source code:


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