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Editor Arquivo BMG

Data Extraction / Insertion


Third version of the system to read and edit files BMG for the DS system.

Limitations: encoding of texts in UTF-8, ANSI, and UNICODE and only contain the following sections MESGbmg1, INF1, DAT1, FLW1 (optional) and FLI1 (optional).



  • Allows you to open and save files BMG
  • Extract scripts to text file
  • Import text files scripts
  • Option to change the encoding of the text to match the encoding of the file
  • Load another file BMG for comparison of equivalent dialogues in different languages (optional)
  • Load mappings for special codes of the game (and its size in pixels, if applicable) and identifies whether a dialogue over the limit of the text box of the game (only for some games).


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