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Metal Gear Solid GBC Compressor/Decompressor

Compression / Decompression


This utility can compress/decompress image data from Metal Gear Solid for the Game Boy Color.

Usage to decompress from input file from offset to output file: mgs_gbc.exe d [input_file] [output_file] [offset] Example of usage: mgs_gbc.exe d “Metal Gear Solid (U) [C][!].gbc” “output.bin” 0×178cf4

Usage to compress: 1) input file to output mgs_gbc.exe c [input_file] [output_file] Example of usage: mgs_gbc.exe c “uncompressed.bin” “compressed.bin” 2) input file and insert it in romfile to offset mgs_gbc.exe c [input_filename] [rom_filename] [offset] Example of usage: mgs_gbc.exe c “uncompressed.bin” “Metal Gear Solid (U) [C][!].gbc” 0×178cf4


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