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Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (MSX2)


Game Description:

The true sequel to Metal Gear, directed by God himself, Hideo Kojima. To say this game is an improvement over the first (which I’m sure you’ve all played) is quite a serious understatement. This game is badass. Perhaps you’ve heard the story behind this game through Metal Gear Solid and its Previous Operations thingy or whatever. Still, though, there’s no better way to experience it than to live it. Well, not actually living it, but you know. The graphics, while not mind-blowing (especially for today’s kiddies), do the job marvellously, and the sound is really great, thanks to Konami’s SCC sound thingy.

The story goes like this: Dr. Kio Marv creates OILIX, a new microorganism that can refine crude petroleum into a much more purified form, thus effectively ending the world’s energy crisis. On the way to the U.S. for a conference though, Marv and all his data on OILIX were taken to Zanzibar Land, a military state in central Asia. Solid Snake is called back out of retirement (again) to rescue Marv and retrieve all the stolen data. Dropped off right outside the main complex, and armed with nothing more than a pack of smokes, Snake has to infiltrate Zanzibar Land and, you know, kill a bunch of mercenaries and stuff.

Without hopefully giving anything away, this game plays an awful lot like Metal Gear Solid. Basically, the only new thing that MGS brings to the table is an extra dimension and a much-improved storyline. Some of the bosses even give long-winded death speeches after you defeat them. Fortunately, though, most just kind of blow up without any extraneous back story. The game’s surprisingly easy to play, especially given the system it was made for, that American-unfriendly MSX. Crawling is sometimes a pain though; I’ve often shot a guard in the back by accident when I was meaning to duck. But other than that, I mean.

Translation Description:

This was first released as a completely translated ROM image, which the Whirlpool took and made into an IPS patch, to be used on the original Japanese ROM, for all you law-abiding folk. is hosting this patch with the exclusive permission of the Whirlpool.

This patch, by the way, will only work for the ROM version of the game. You may see it floating around as a disk image; sadly, Metal Gear 2 was never released on disk format, and these disk images are merely a hacked rom image formatted to run on a disk. If possible, the translators recommend you use the ROM image to play this game. You may see a version 1.21 on the site, but don’t be fooled; it’s only to correct an issue with the disk version.

On to business! The game is fully translated, so have fun! You WILL need the manual at some point; in the event that you do not have the complete game lying around in your room somewhere, you can check the included readme, since it describes how to run the game in some emulators (and a real MSX), the controls, and some other stuff. There’s a full translated manual available on both sites as well.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake (Japan).rom - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: 18B1F34B
  • MD5: 9F50D92D35E19D5DE37D75A36A410588
  • SHA-1: AF567EA6E27912D6D5BF1C8E9BC18E9B393FD1AB
  • SHA-256: 43B7FAB533ABEB87313919EC1FC7BC732D7B0EBFACEDE1E4F89D8295160384F2


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


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