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Tales of Phantasia

Game Boy Advance

Game Description:

The perennial translation favorite. The game that’s on its second remake and isn’t being considered at all for a stateside release. Please Namco, we want more Dead to Rights and Airblade! Don’t give us this wonderful great wonderful game! And definitely don’t give us any more Klonoa games! Thanks Namco.

Anyways you’re a young boy named Cless Alvein, and you go back in time and stuff. There you save the world, and uhh, walk around and fight in Linear Motion Battles. And is it just me, or are the battles in the GBA version slow as all hell? I’m thinking it’s the emulator, but it’s at full speed. Maybe this port just sucks.

Translation Description:

Just about all 8×8 font stuff is done. Which seems like a lot, from a menu standpoint, but there’s a whole lot of stuff that isn’t done. Stupid Tales of Phantasia, being all complicated and stuff. Anyways, most of the 8×8 stuff is done. If there’s 8×8 stuff that isn’t, well then, I guess I must’ve not seen it. Sorry.

Version 0.11 had some spell lists screwed up, but this is now fixed. Hurray!

Version 0.20 has had more menu work, items names have been changed to reflect the PSX ToP translation and the names used in Tales of Eternia, and names are now up to seven letters in length (see the readme).

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