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Community Pom


Game Description:

Something’s been snacking on Woolly Village’s adorable Meymeys, and the townspeople aren’t happy about it! While the villagers blame it on the mysterious rabbitlike Poms that appeared when the moon vanished five years ago, young Lulu knows better. With the magic staff gifted to her by the Poms in hand, she sets off on a quest to find the Poms, build a community where they can live in peace, and discover the truth behind all the incidents. And raid every dresser in the continent for trading cards along the way.

Community Pom is a 1997 action RPG/simulation game for the PlayStation, developed and published by Fill in Cafe (best known for the Asuka 120% and Kendo Rage/Makeruna! Makendou series). With gameplay reminiscent of classic 2D Zelda titles and perhaps most particularly influenced by Magic Knight Rayearth on the Sega Saturn, the game puts its own spin on things by throwing a simple pet raising simulation into the mix, with the player rearing Poms to increase their combat stats and unlock new features and abilities.

Translation Description:

This is a complete English translation of Community Pom for the PlayStation. In addition to translating the game itself, it also includes a partial translation of the game’s official guidebook, which can be found in the download or read online.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Patches are provided for both the 1997 and 1999 versions of the game.
  • 1997 VERSION (copyright Fill in Cafe)
  • Redump name: Community Pom
  • CRC32: 2e95fd97
  • MD5: 27ff34f19917b0457fbc3b8eb187c89b
  • SHA-1: ab87251a599dfc1e0ca00eabc20aced7bd404f50
  • 1999 VERSION (copyright Family Soft)
  • Redump name: Community Pom: Omoide o Dakishimete
  • CRC32: b074be12
  • MD5: e1d3f69d6eccd1855db744ad78ee025e
  • SHA-1: f5c249122088312c142bfb97cbbc5ec3852bc75e


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
cccmarScript Editing/RevisionEditing and Testing
XanathisProductionGuidebook Scans, Testing, and PR Coach

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