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SD Snatcher (MSX2)


Game Description:

If you’ve always thought that SD Snatcher was just a remake of Snatcher with cutesy characters, you’re wrong. Well okay, SD Snatcher IS a remake of Snatcher with cutesy characters, but there’s a lot more to it than that. The battle system has been completely changed to more of an RPG interface, and you can use different weapons that inflict more damage, and you even level up! It’s super total crazy, is what it is! And it’s really amazingly fun, too! The graphics are really nice, and the music, while not impressive (though I didn’t get far), is done really well with the special SCC sound cartridge that’s included in the game. A definite must-play game for any MSX user that, um, speaks Japanese.

Translation Description:

Oasis originally released this as three completely translated disk images, so the Whirlpool compared them with the Japanese originals and made IPS patches, for a fuzzier and more legal feeling in their hearts. is hosting these patches with the Whirlpool’s exclusive permission.

Keep in mind that these patches are intended for use on an original disk image, and not for the cracked version floating around that does not require the SCC cartridge. It’s not like the cracked one is that hard to find anyway. It’s what I used to make the screenshots, after all.

Anyways, it’s really great that Oasis took the time to translate this, even though the English in the game is really not that great. I’ve heard in a couple of different places that Oasis has said that about 60% of the text was cut out of the translation due to space constraints. If you don’t like that, tough, you can re-translate the game yourself.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • CRC32: 74DF1878
  • MD5: EC0BE7766B5DA5A1848D7B5A7D4FD6AE
  • SHA-1: 4CEF12AE13334ED4F3F890311B641C1AD2BDC408
  • SHA-256: AC1610AE782B706554A6D7034D49FEB1B7451C41B3A42DFEACC69075777140E3
  • CRC32: 930E06B3
  • MD5: AB9290F7FB6063A2F0356876124BF049
  • SHA-1: 1156F6C4D9332FDC6CDA05558AC3E3102A2764FE
  • SHA-256: C1C406DEB1217C202F2A450CBD76A5B1EA06FAEAD381A2B160A647CC5CC4890D
  • CRC32: 0547BB3A
  • MD5: 585CAF83583815CDAF6FA11578879674
  • SHA-1: E4B1B5F8B7EA4532551C103164860C8802151131
  • SHA-256: 7DF3804C957879886567F68312AF08625E5BAD3F9BA84B66E452771EA7D71F9C


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