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Ys: Ancient Ys Vanished Omen (MSX2)


Game Description:

Yet another of the 21352346 ports of Ys. And I can say with some authority that this is definitely NOT the best of them. The graphics look really old, the music’s not great, but the gameplay is still the good ol’ Ys oldskewl that’s kept us coming back for twenty-some years. If you didn’t know, combat in Ys involves running into your enemy. The only way that you can attack the enemy and not get hurt in return is if you are a half-tile off in either direction. Or, if the enemy’s not facing you, of course. It’ll make sense when you play, I hope.

Translation Description:

Oasis originally released this game as a translated disk image, so a patch was made by the Whirlpool for legal peace-of-mind purposes. Romhacking.net is hosting this patch with the Whirlpool’s exclusive permission.

Anyway, while it’s pretty obvious that English is not these guys’ first language, it’s in English, and mostly understandable.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Ancient Ys Vanished Omen (1987)(Falcom)(Jp).dsk
  • CRC32: 339DD09C
  • MD5: 47CF4EEEF5CD5841681417ED14EC195B
  • SHA-1: 39FBA8282B36BA1247AEA586740D30C0EE6123DE
  • SHA-256: 8D4A3E4CF53EF01C2399ADBAD4720FFA76AE2AC3411929DEF03CDBC8DEE190E8



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