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Blue Submarine no.6 ~Time & Tide~


Game Description:

Blue Submarine no.6 ~Time & Tide~ is an adventure game for the Dreamcast.

Translation Description:


Blue Submarine No. 6: Time & Tide is an post-apocalyptic underwater-exploration game with RPG elements and not-linear adventure. Developed by SEGA and released for the Dreamcast in 7 Dec. 2000. The game follows the exploits of a deep-sea salvage crew as they recover treasure. The game includes FMV animation by Gonzo, a renowned Anime studio responsible for the original OVA and music performed by famous band - The Thrill. The game features characters from the anime like Tetsu Hayami or Verg. If you’ve never see it - don’t forget to watch the iconic Anime!


Game is fully translated to English thanks to a great job by Rafa - our brilliant translator. Menus, descriptions, gameplay graphics, all dialogs, audio dialogs scenes, all movies and VMU icons - all in English. Added the bonus - all DLC archive saves available directly from “Internet” option. Patched files work on real SEGA hardware (and ODE like GDEMU) and emulators like Redream, NullDC, Demul, Makaron or etc. For free, without external patcher - just download a CDI or use a simple LazyBoot tool or GDIBuilder and overwrite your files. I have also prepared a translation tools pack (!) for all - use them for your projects ^^



  • Rolly - project head, translation, implementation, hack, GFX, sound, website
  • RafaMGam - lead translator
  • esperknight - romhacker & Atlas/text implementation specialist
  • Eyl - playtest, bug reports, debug code


  • translated all dialogs and graphics
  • translated & recorded & mixed all audio-dialogs
  • subtitles on videos (it’s a pity that SEGA only used 320×240 resolution)
  • added bonus DLC saves (DPWWW folder and Dricas page)
  • added bonus DLC & link them in build Internet option (works only on real console with modem)
  • nothing downsampled in GDI version
  • VMU LCD & save names translated
  • VGA, 60HZ support
  • support PAL, NTSC-U, NTSC-J region
  • support for real hardware, GDEMU, emulation
  • Debug menu. You can use this key comb. in dock : ↑↓←→↓↑→←←→↓↑→←↑ L,R,L,R,L,R

Happy 21st anniversary of the SEGA Dreamcast console and the 20th anniversary of the game’s premiere! Have fun!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • HDR-0075 / NTSC-J


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
RollyHackingProject head, translation, implementation, hack, GFX, sound, website
RafaGamTranslationMovies, script & audio translation
EsperKnightHackingRomhacker & Atlas/text implementation specialist

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