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Final Fantasy IV Easy Type

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Honestly, I want to smack everyone who even dares think of saying that this is simply FF2 in Japanese. Well, they are wrong.

You will find that most of the game is pretty much the same, say 90%, but the differences end there once you reach the moon.

There’s an ample number of weapon changes/tweaks plus a sword you can use in the Magnetic Cave, which also happens to be the same sword that was reintroduced into FF4A. The Ribbon could arguably be overpowered, but the monsters on the moon have had their battle scripts massively tweaked as compensation, if not rewritten, and are sometimes unrecognizable from the original.

Zeromus is simply not that easy, if anything, it is arguably harder than the original.

For those of you who want to see something different, something that kinda resembles a hack with a few bugfixes, this is what you should try out.

Translation Description:

This is the first alpha version of Dragonsbrethren’s new Final Fantasy IV Easy Type translation. Consider it a replacement for the old version released back in October of 2002. It features accurate translation of item, enemy, and skill names (barring exceptions made for commonly localized terms and things that simply wouldn’t fit) and a fully translated main menu. It should be far more playable than his previous translation.

Please do not report any problems found in this translation, Dragonsbrethren already knows about them and will fix them once work on the project resumes.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy IV - Easy Type (J).smc
  • CRC32: 6CDA700C
  • MD5: 87AD91E3000895BA53956B3BD021717D
  • SHA-1: A2D04C5F3948CA930D2C0BC4E6F34D62F06A9FA5
  • SHA-256: 0E7EF033B982F961EE087AB1C347DD0B359767CD38A59CD4722C72B11138006E


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