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Front Mission

Super Nintendo

Game Review (by (wraith)):

People in the scene go wild over many of the things in Japan. J-Pop. Giant Mechas. Strategy RPGs. Well, Front Mission takes two of those three things (guess which ones), and swirls them together. The combination of giant robots with huge-ass guns fighting in a turn-based strategy environment should satisfy the inner fan-boy in all of us. The graphics are beautiful, and the gameplay is excellent SRPG fare. So maybe you’ll like it more than Spinner 8 did. Probably.


This translation took a long time and is the fruit of many, many people’s labors. Kudos to F.H. and crew for a job well done.

If you’re having difficulty in SNES9x, download this patch. It’ll increase the ROM size to 4MB, which should fix any problems you may have. Be sure and patch this over a prepatched ROM, and not over a clean Japanese ROM.

ROM / ISO Information:

No information available.



Here's some quick screens, since I really couldn't play much of this. I'm really sorry, but no one reads these ALT tags, so.OMG! At least the script's pretty kewl.I really couldn't get into this game. My dislike of Front Mission goes above and beyond my dislike of strategy RPGs in general.So, sorry to F.H. and David Mullen for taking us two YEARS to do a decent review, and sorry that the review had to suck so much.


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
AkujinTranslationJapanese Translator and Script Editor
HojoTranslationJapanese Translator
David MullenScript Editing/RevisionScript Editor, Util/Game testing, various menu translations.
Shih TzuScript Editing/RevisionAssistant Script Editor.
F.H.HackingScript Editor, script extraction/insertion tools, game code modifications/additions, game testing, d
Dark ForceScript Editing/RevisionEUC-JIS table file.

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User Reviews
Well worth a play thoughiapetus24 Jul 2008N/AYes