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Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

This is Kunio’s first outing on the NES, which some of you may know as Target: Renegade. (shock, horror) This is pretty close to most other Kunio fighting games, but this one has the special distinction of having Kunio not being able to kick in front of him. Good old Technos. This game is damn hard, so don’t bother kicking up the difficulty. The “hard” setting for the game is really just plain unfair. Then again, I do suck at old-school fighters.

Translation Description:

Translation to Spanish for “Renegade” for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Renegade.nes
  • 31.215 bytes
  • ROM CRC32: 9FA5E52E
  • ROM MD5: B699C520F1B934B965FD601A30B4C672
  • ROM SHA1: C7D593AD090BD3483972409622BBE2240542631B


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