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Mickey Mania: Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse

Sega Genesis

Game Description:

Mickey Mania: Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse is a platforming game for the Sega Genesis.

Translation Description:

Translation to Spanish for “Mickey Mania: Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse” for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Mickey Mania - Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse (U) [!].gen
  • 2.097.152 bytes
  • CRC32: 629e5963
  • MD5: 965536e24760755413ae316d935710b1
  • SHA1: 20779867821bab019f63ce42e3067ffafb4fe480


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
WaveHackingFull Hacking & Translation to Spanish

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