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Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica

PlayStation 2

Game Description:

Sequel to Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia, which takes place in a different region 2 years after its conclusion. The region of Metafalss, dominated by the Second Tower of Ar tonelico, is being ravaged by a Reyvateil-exclusive epidemic known as IPD that makes those infected with it go berserk and destroy everything around themselves with their Song Magic, while the two factions that dispute hegemony over the region, the Grand Bell and the Sacred Army, have started a civil war due to ideological and theological differences.

In the midst of this situation, a young knight from the Grand Bell called Croix Bartel is sent into an emergency mission to escort its most important member, Cloche Leythal Pastalie, to safety, not knowing this will embroil him deeper into the conflict between the two factions and will lead him into an adventure where he will discover the true nature of Metafalss, the schemes the Grand Bell and the Sacred Army are hiding, and finally, how all of this connects with the realization of the legendary paradise the people of Metafalss have sought for all their history: the Green Land of Metafalica.

Translation Description:

This patch is a complete relocalization for Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica, which has been noted to have received quite a poor localization effort from NIS America given the sheer number of mistranslations and lack of editing the English script had.

Therefore, the game script has been completely relocalized using the original Japanese script as its basis, and several graphics have been edited to maintain consistency with the new script.

All videos that featured voice acting or any sort of text have been subtitled as well, and the introductory sequence also had the part where the logo shows up restored, given the official localization broke the synchronization with the song playing in it due to the removal of that particular segment.

It additionally corrects the following bugs:

  • Restores the visual effects and notification box for the Phase 2 world map.
  • Players always receive the “Clear!” effect when a DP event is triggered during Dives if they have equal or slightly more DP than needed to pay the cost.
  • The “Boss Key” feature that appears when pressing Select during Dives had its images restored.
  • Fixes the infamous “Raki bug” and also restores the culprit skill’s full functionality.
  • Reprograms the Hymmnos font to work more similarly to the way it was intended and adds the glyphs it had missing.
  • Super Moves don’t have their damage nullified from having the “Effect Change” property from the Dualithnode Crystals active anymore.
  • It’s not possible to heal enemies through overflowing the amount of damage caused anymore.
  • Luca’s “Soothing Incense” song magic works properly now.
  • Fixes the pointers so some monster attacks display their names properly.
  • Skills that are supposed to cause multiple types of elemental damage at once can do so now.
  • Fixes the incorrect sprites for some events.
  • Fixes an event-related bug that made it impossible to keep advancing through Cloche’s Cosmosphere when the player was kicked out during the Lv. 4 introduction due to insufficient DP.
  • Fixes an event-related bug that interrupted the tutorial for the Replekia system and that forced the player to reset.
  • Fixes a couple of incorrect event conditions that made its corresponding events impossible to trigger.
  • Forces the game to display the true Sync Value for the three heroine pairs instead of the fake value the base game showed.
  • Fixes the flag problem that made some FMVs impossible to unlock in the Extra menu. However, this was done at the cost of completely removing the English voice acting.
  • Restored completely the Japanese voice acting, as there were some scenes that even the undub version that was available previously was unable to restore.
  • Repaired several graphic assets, as some of them had their coloring or their transparency effects eliminated in the localization due to damage to their alpha channels or the removal of their CLUTs.

Finally, it adds back multiple dummied out scenes that were found amongst the game files, including restoring the puzzles that were slated to exist in the Gyro Stabilizer and Tower to the Heavens dungeons, and adds a Hard difficulty mode. Changing to this Hard difficulty mode changes the following in regards to gameplay:

  • All enemy stats were increased, and some of their attack patterns were adjusted.
  • The timing leniency given by the “Guard+” Girl Power bestowed by some IPDs has been reduced.
  • Replekia’s boosting effect has been greatly reduced.
  • Song Magic now charges at half speed, and healing songs only heal for half their effect.

For more details on all the changes that have been made to the game as part of the creation process for this patch, please follow this link.

There are three patches in total: one for the US version, one for the EU version, and one for the unofficial Undub version. The patcher and the instructions on how to apply the patch, in .txt format, are included in the same archive as the patch.

Note: The patches are too large to be hosted by RHDN. They may be obtained from the author’s website.

Patch location

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica (USA): SLUS-217.88 MD5: 1b83937656fd8fede5c0fbc8dbc11f8f
  • Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica (EU): SLES_554.44 MD5: 26dd141fb8cf85676fd3370933c99c9f
  • Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica (USA undub): SLUS-217.88 MD5: d11a1751e041349265d4f2932f7d5e2d


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
aquagonTranslationMain translator, world setting verifier
KWhazitTranslationTranslation and verification
fetjuelTranslationTranslation and project hosting
voidScript Editing/RevisionGeneral programming and hacking
TerraBreakerHackingDumping, insertion and image formats reverse-engineering
KariGraphicsGraphics editing
ClessHackingExecutable dumping/insertion, general hacking
RyleFuryHackingASM Hacking
Zak BlaydeDesignTrailer creation and editing
SoukyuuGraphicsGraphics and video editing
MorganiteHackingDumper/Inserter development, game data documentation

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