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Double Dragon

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Double Dragon is a beat ‘em up game for the NES. A lot of people really like this game, but I honestly find it quite frustrating and poorly executed.

The main issue is that you get hit completely uncontrollably. A well designed game can be beaten without taking a hit, but in this game, you will be hit as you’re hitting other enemies, which is really dumb. This means that if you’re sucking too much at the beginning of the stage, you know you’re going die. And you only have 3 lives! There is no way to get more.

The first two stages are really easy, but then stage 3 comes along, and the game gets 10 times harder! Stage 3 just has too many enemies who can get cheap hits on you uncontrollably. If you want to have a chance of getting through stage 3, you have to perform a glitch in the second stage. If you grab the bat, and cause one of the enemies to glitch off screen and out of existence, you can just keep wailing away at him and keep getting points until you get the back jab. This move does so much damage, and it’s the key to getting through stage 3!

Unfortunately, it won’t get you through stage 4. Stage 4 is the most BS level design ever; there are these pistons which keep coming out of the background, and they take a quarter of your health, and they’re completely random! There are a ton of them in the stage, and it’s completely unfair! I’ve never beaten stage 4 because of this!

I don’t understand why people love this game. It sucks, and it’s nothing but frustrating to play!

Translation Description:

Double Dragon is the first beat them all game in history of video game. In this game you can use punch and kick to fighting enemies. This game is 100% translated in Arabic texts and graphics.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Double Dragon (U) [!] (goodnes 3.14)
  • CRC32 2090af70
  • MD5 9112e9243bc55db0dc0bf82f6ef33a23
  • SHA-1 fe57c59133cbe8c28470a743ff5ff72ffdced5a7
  • SHA-256 da3e5aecaf1613aa2551182d2c6c3d717aca07398627c6480102d8d146693b3e


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megamanzHackingFull Hacking & Translation into Arabic

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