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Ninja Gaiden

Sega Game Gear

Game Description:

Ninja Gaiden for the Game Gear would be the worst of the series, if weren’t for the existence of the Gameboy version. It plays much like NES and SMS versions of the game. It features a different story then the other games. The graphics are good but the music needs much more variety and is clearly the weak point of the game. It features an interesting level where ryu has to climb between two buildings to get to an office. Some of the enemy design is a bit wacky and out of place. For instance, you got bruce lee karate type dudes jumping off buildings flying straight down at you. And you got to fight a dude a Dhalsim look alike that flies around on a magic carpet. The story is pretty standard. Just your usual bad guy who wants to take over the world by destroying it first. The game starts off easy but then in true Ninja Gaiden fashion it becomes insanely hard at the end. I give mad props to the person that beats the last guy without the use of save states!

Translation Description:

A one hundred percent spanish translation of Ninja Gaiden for the Game Gear.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Ninja Gaiden (UE) [!].gg
  • CRC32: C578756B
  • MD5: 764388B8B5DC2E762FAB9BADD0ECA6BA
  • SHA-1: 1A5C44E76A0E913D76F590AFFAE3B2E24FBD0F59


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ContributorType of contributionListed credit
PikachumansonHackingFull Hacking & Translation

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