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    I had DUPLICATED the normal patch inside the EXTRA folder by mistake, instead putting there the additional patch. With this update that is fixed. Now the normal patch and the optional patch inside EXTRA folder are different; the second does really replace the enemy names by the Spanish names used in modern translations of Dragon Quest series. It has been an human mistake.
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    Added note to patch it with a unmodified version of NBA Jam T.E. Updated Screenshots.
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Danball Senki Boost

PlayStation Portable

Game Description:

Danball Senki Boost is a action role playing game for the Sony Playstation Portable. The game was release in Japan only.

Translation Description:

What is this?

A translation for the game Danball Senki BOOST (PSP).

What is Danball Senki BOOST?

Danball (as it’s usually referred to) is a toy robot fighter. Think Medabots but smaller or Custom Robo but controlled via cellphones.

As of November 20, 2013 project was cancelled. The author did post a link on his forum of all the project files for anyone to download if they would wish to continue on the project.



ROM / ISO Information:

  • NPJH-50618


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Frank CadenaTranslationHeavy translation
MaxtramGraphicsProvided the tools and image editing
CrashmanXHackingCoding and simple translating

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