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Generation Xth: Code Hazard


Game Description:

Generation Xth: Code Hazard is a role playing game for the PC.

Translation Description:

This Indie dungeon crawler by Team Muramasa, based on the game-play of the formerly established Wizardry games. The Wizardry Xth games boasted a fairly open world, an extremely intuitive but in-depth crafting system, and many overall improvements to the Wizardry formula particularly focusing on speed and efficiency of controls. They took that formula to the indie PC scene in 2007 and created the Generation Xth trilogy, the first entry of which Code Hazard is the reason why you are here now.

Here is a complete translation of the full version ready for download with an easy installer setup. Also, this is for the NON plus version (regular edition). We are unsure at the moment if this is compatible with the PLUS version but if so please inform us if it is.

Also included as a bonus is a full English manual to use for the game to help newcomers navigate through the basics and instructions with ease.

The translation of the demo version can be found on the website below for those who do not have the full version available to them.


All versions of Windows *after* Windows XP should not have an issue displaying the in-game font. If you have a Windows XP machine that DOES NOT have East Asian language support installed, please install the MSGOTHIC.TTF font included in this archive. The easiest way to do this is to browse to your Windows/Fonts folder and select the Install New Font option from the File menu. Then select MSGOTHIC.TTF or you can simply copy and paste the file into the Fonts folder. A reboot may be required after performing this action.

ROM / ISO Information:



Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
ShramTranslationProject lead/Translator/Images
EsperKnightHackingGood Guy Programmer

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