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Phantasy Star Generation:1

PlayStation 2

Game Description:

Phantasy Star Generation:1 is a role playing game for the PlayStation 2.

Translation Description:

This is an English translation with minimal hacking. While it is technically complete, menus, character names, items, and spells are highly abbreviated to the point where they may not make sense. It is also noted that dialog phrases were shortened in several areas and some creative liberties were taken with the script.

This release is about as confusing as they come. First, there are two entirely separate downloads of all versions of this patch entitled ‘Lutz’ and ‘Noah’. The difference is simply the name of an esper who joins your party. In the original Japanese version of the original game, his name was Lutz. It was localized as Noah in the English version. In Phantasy Star II, an esper who looks similar appears, but his name is Lutz in both languages. Is he the same character? No one really knows, so you can decide if he is or isn’t and user the version with the name you want. I have no idea why both weren’t simply bundled together.

The translation was apparently released as ISOs. Then, it was also released as patched files to put into your ISO. Then, yet a third type of release came with xdelta patches. To make matters worse, the versions of all of them are all different. To make matters absolutely terrible, no change log is included in any of the versions, so nobody has any idea what was changed, or even if any of the versions are the same.

The download presented here is a bundle of the xdelta patches for both ‘Lutz’ and ‘Noah’ versions. This was the newest, smallest, and seemingly most sensible thing to offer.

Other distributions and versions can be found here:

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Patches are for the following ISO:
  • Size: 69.932.016 bytes
  • CRC32: 3a9b5922
  • MD5 : bba63da6bd64489da663a856b1d49c8f
  • SHA-1: 3fae75234774d8db3d73228aaf8a33bec9844d73


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Great Translation for a Decent Remakemagictrufflez01 Nov 20151.3Yes