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Dirty Pair: Project Eden

Family Computer Disk System

Game Description:

This game is a really bad game, that is only worth mentioning because it features.. TADA! The Lovely Angels! Maybe I’m too tough on the game (it came out over fifteen years ago, for God’s sake), but it certainly doesn’t hold up well in any case. The first stages are just your running and shooting things with your pistol stages. Sometimes you can grab a medallion thing and Kei can come in her little car thing and you can hop in and fly through the stage! And then you will get to the vaguely Metroid-ish base stage and you will get stuck and quit playing. So there.

Translation Description:

This is a complete translation patch for the FDS game Dirty Pair - Project Eden. It is a terrible game that is a disgrace to the greatness of the Dirty Pair anime series and is not meant for casual play unless you like torturing yourself.

About 10 or so years ago, a fellow by the name of Ballz released a translation patch for the game, but it was incomplete because it was commonly believed to be impossible to progress past stage 2. Now all that has changed.

I did not feel like wasting anymore time on this game and did not properly test the patch aside from checking the title screen and intro and using savestates to see if the endings worked properly with a cheat of sorts. Should be fine all things considered, but I cannot confirm.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Dirty Pair - Project Eden (Japan) [b].fds
  • CRC32: 3C63DB59
  • MD5: bad dump 16C53A215ED21315F46B352D83E48ABD
  • SHA-1: D6A4A1B28EDF01DBBF445EC0FBCF9A0901435D8C



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