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Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

If you’ve ever played Earthbound (a.k.a Mother 2) for SNES, then you should feel right at home with this game. This is the one that started the trilogy and is the ugliest and most primitive one of the three. It’s also the hardest, because of balance issues, specially towards the end of the game.

You might look at some screenshots, even read a synopsis of the game, and think “Wait, this is just like Earthbound! I’ll skip this game instead.” That assumption is half right and half wrong. The story goes, you’re a kid with psychic powers. You find a journal that talks about this guy and how him and his wife raised this alien and how that alien vowed to destroy the world after being rejected. Or something like that. So, the final boss in this game isn’t some cosmic horror, but just a Pokemon. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Magicant (the crazy place in Earthbound) is much more prominent in this game and you’ll be forced to visit it often, so it’s not a one-off thing. Rejoice, for there is no Moonside. The world is joined as a single piece of land (so it feels more like the world of Pokemon, instead of the disjoint countries of Earthbound). There’s Strawberry Tofu. There’s a talking, giant canary. There’s a killer doll. The lovable bad guy bully does join your party. A giant robot aids you to fight another giant robot.

Okay, so there’s no much to talk about the story. You just have to find eight songs and fight the final boss. But it’s very good and is unique.

So there are some parallels to Earthbound, but it’s like saying that Super Mario World is a remake of Super Mario Bros. 3. They both share a lot of similarities, but you’ll have a whole different experience from both games.

The sound is simple but memorable. It feels like a modern day Dragon Quest.

I don’t recommend anyone to play the FC/NES version, however. The GBA version fixes certain balancing issues, when you run, no one runs with you (so it doesn’t feel like you’e just turned the fast forward switch on). Movement is also pixel-by-pixel instead of tile-by-tile, so it feels more natural. For those of you who feel the GBA version is still too hard, there’s a patch that includes an “Easy Ring”. But all that is missing from the NES version. Do I recommend anyone to play the GBA version? Oh yes, I do. Anyone.

Translation Description:

This is a fully playable Spanish translation for the game EartBound Zero developed during 2006/2007. It works with the “Earthbound (U) (Prototype)” version of the ROM.


  • 100% text translation of dialogs and menus.
  • Added Spanish only symbols.
  • Restored censored sprites to the “Mother” form.
  • Changed the fonts from the nicer looking ones found in the “Tomato hack” version.
  • Changed some Healing spells name to make it less confusing.

Para usuarios en español: vean el archivo Readme/Léeme.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Earth Bound (USA) (Proto).nes
  • CRC-32: f5ef5002
  • MD4: 23c33dcd26f5570f9bfcc87609452777
  • MD5: 5bacf7ba94c539a1caf623dbe12059a3
  • SHA-1: 505cc723e0c8d66baaaf9597f21a505a88291f64


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