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Shining Force III: Scenario 1

Sega Saturn

Game Description:

Shining Force III: Scenario 1 is a turn based strategy game for the Sega Saturn.

Translation Description:

Patch Instructions I. Requirements

1. Original Shining Force III game discs. For every scenario you wish to patch, the original disc of that scenario is required. Scenario 1 requires the english version.

2. SF3Patch.exe– Self extracting install includes everything you need to create a patched ISO/CD from the original disc. The patch is available from the SF3 Translation project FTP courtesy of Moogie and Shining Force Central.

II. Create a Patched ISO or CD

Information- Once the ISO has been created it can be played using an emulator or burned to a CD to be played in a mod-chipped Saturn. This method will work with all three of the Shining Force III scenarios and the Premium Disc.


1. Place the original game CD in an available CD drive.

The Scenario 1 patch requires the US or UK version. It will not work correctly with the Japanese version.

2. Launch ISOMAKER 2.exe

3. Select the game CD you are patching and click the Make CD button.

4. Double click the drive the game CD is in.

5. Wait for all the Dos command windows to finish. Do not attempt any other activities while the Isomaker is running. This can cause errors in the ISO.

6. The SF3.ISO and SF3.CUE files will appear in the folder with the ISOMAKER 2.exe

7. Use Daemon Tools to mount the .CUE file and run with an emulator or burn the ISO to a disc for use in a modded Saturn.

8. Create separate directories to store the ISO and CUE files for each scenario. For example: Create the Sc1 ISO, place it in a Sc1 folder before creating a Sc2 ISO. The ISO and CUE files will be named the same, so they will need to be juggled around when playing different scenarios.


If the Isomaker program crashes, try these solutions in order:

1. Make sure you have enough free disk space. 1 gig is a safe amount.

2. Move the “SF3Patch” directory closer to the root. It may not work correctly if it is located within many folders.

XXXX Progress Scenario 1

Chapter 1 – Beta Chapter 2 – Playable Chapter 3 – Playable Chapter 4 – Playable Chapter 5 – Playable Chapter 6 – Playable

Scenario 2

Chapter 1 – Beta Chapter 2 – Playable Chapter 3 – Playable Chapter 4 – Playable Chapter 5 – Playable Chapter 6 – Playable

Scenario 3

Chapter 1 – Playable with freeze at end of chapter Chapter 2 – Playable Chapter 3 – Playable Chapter 4 – Playable Chapter 5 – Playable Chapter 6 – Playable Final Chapter – Not Released

Premium Disc – Playable

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Shining Force III - Scenario 1 Disc


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


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