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Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Want a wild ride - maybe something a bit different? Then, try Slayers.

Forget about anime this and manga that. Slayers features an old-school RPG engine, populated with zany and sometimes overheated characters - created by its Japanese author. Slayers’ risque and sometimes ribald content is usually foaming and bubbling just under the surface, even while its “heroes” are slashing and stomping bad guys into mush! Those who decided the world craved an English version of this game didn’t dilute the built-in looniness one bit, so be forewarned. You who suffer weakeness of the knees or the constitutions of Chihuahuas in your tummies, either fortify yourselves or stay away from Slayers!

Originally slated as an NES launch, Slayers’s developers recoded for the then cutting-edge SNES. Thus, the resulting product may lack a few bells and whistles found in more recent RPGs, but the story rocks with such force, most will soon be swept into this crazy universe called Slayers. Unless your heads are constructed of granite, once you’re immersed in the story, few of you should notice or even care about the absence of modern fluff. The richness of this game lies not only in its storyline, but a clever, convoluted plot that features a major twist. Drawing masterfully from the unpredictable wackiness and overdoses of humor that define the Slayers culture, this wild ride careens unceasingly from start to finish.

Therefore, Slayers should resonate with its most avid fans and traditional RPG-lovers alike. Game play will be intuitive for experienced gamers. N00bs who are driven to absorb everything Slayers should experience a very small learning curve as they plunge into what will be a familiar ambience. A typical menu driven interface for battles and managing parties should not present any challenges more difficult than text-messaging. The character roster will be familiar to Slayers fans, quite robust and unique in that each fighter possesses a specialized ability. Some of these will render the party invincible at times. Battle strategies vary greatly, whether slugging it out or dropping what feels like a nuke on occasion.

Magic spells are varied but not over-complicated. Players who experiment will discover a few advantages to help them prevail in battle more efficiently. Executing these spells should make all of you Slayers fans feel quite at home.

A fair word of warning however:

The game will present more challenges than seem apparent at the beginning, so prepare yourselves. More than once, the friendly, colorful scenery may lull you into a sense of false security. A slight mistake or miscalculation can be fatal, so don’t expect an easy ride the whole way. This game is not as linear as it appears in the first world, so you may need to wander around a bit as you search for answers. Finally, a nice surprise awaits you hardy players at the end.

All of these attributes together add up to this game’s special charm and the promise of a good play. Slayers delivers!

Translation Description:

After eight years (to the exact day!) of intense labors by many - some tragic and others triumphant - Matt’s Messy Room and D-D are jointly announcing the penultimate closure of another success story. We are releasing Slayers English on its 8th anniversary - the final day of winter. Except for a few small details planned for our first update, Slayers is finished and 100% compatible with real hardware. Because older emulators do not appear to fully support this game, including the Japanese ROM, we are recommending BSNES as the emulator of choice.

Please consult the Readme.doc in our Slayers V1.00 archive for additional information, especially you Slayers anime and novel fans who may not be familiar with playing console videogames on PCs through the implementation of hardware emulators.

Players are also invited to visit our Slayers forum to discuss any matters pertaining to your experiences with our patch. We welcome being apprised of any problems, glitches, or typos you might encounter. In fact, we are highly receptive to gaming feedback from everyone - including n00bs - that is presented in a thoughtful manner that properly respects the great effort we have put into this patch.

We wrote the English story to the best of our abilities - for our own enjoyment - in a Western localization style attuned to our own interpretation of the Slayers culture. The results turned out so well, in our opinions, we voted to share our English patch with the world. Thus, players may obtain our Slayers patch through the Downloads link above or proceed to the Slayers section under Projects (Ongoing or Completed, depending on when you visit). Enjoy!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Slayers (J).sfc (GoodSNES v0.999.5)
  • Slayers (Japan).sfc (No-Intro)
  • Internal CRC: 201E
  • CRC32: 0B610445
  • MD5: 1B7B9B3EABE1008BAD9DC19DCAD9142F
  • SHA-1: 931449E2F491301FBAB3B3E5CA0D85E02927A605
  • SHA-256: 54A7CAAF1FCBD827AF1EA220762D5A7E24B159D420E839CA43828C4BA5B18DBC


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
fillerTranslationPrimary Translator
Eien Ni HenTranslationCharacter Description Translator
Bongo`HackingTable Files, Coding, Assembly, and Tools, Font design
WildbillScript Editing/RevisionSpot Translations, English Story Writer
Red SoulGraphicsSplash Screen, Beta Test Team Coordinator
TaskforceGraphicsSplash Screen
JonnyGraphicsEarly Graphics Work
ChrisRPGOriginal HackingEarly Hacking Work
BrightmanScript Editing/RevisionEarly Story Work
Sky RenderScript Editing/RevisionEarly Story Work

User Review Information

User Reviews
For Old School FansKlaviaturist01 Dec 2010N/AYes