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Dragon Quest III: Soshite Densetsu e...

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Aaaahh, Dragon Quest III. What self-respecting Dragon Quest fan and RPG lover could ever dislike that game? This SNES remake not only ups the graphic and musical quality to better-than-DQVI levels, but all the monster attacks are animated, which looks super sweet! Small Medals were also added, as well as various Pachisi tracks scattered across the globe, and a bonus dungeon that you can access when you beat the game.

All that’s fine and good, but I still prefer my Gameboy Color remake of DQIII. You get all that new stuff (except the graphic/musical enhancements.. but since when was DQ about pretty pictures?), plus you can collect Monster Medals which can get you into another bonus dungeon! Pretty tasty!

Translation Description:

Dragon Quest 3 was originally released for the Famicom gaming system. The game included drastic improvements over the first two games of the series. When Nintendo released it’s new Super Famicom system which supported much better graphics, Enix couldn’t help but port the classic game to it. The game was also released on the Gameboy Color. However, the Super Famicom version stands to be the most loved and cherished version of the game to date.

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ROM / ISO Information:

  • Country: Japan
  • Internal checksum 7473
  • CRC32 13836BD2
  • MD5 7C7C7DB73B0608A184CC5E1D73D7695B
  • Dragon Quest III - Soshite Densetsu e... (Japan) (No-Intro 2014-12-21)



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DaMarsManHackingHacking & Translation
Z6n4HackingHacking & Translation
PlatKingScript Editing/Revision

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